I made it, I have internet access, and I can’t read anything

That was one long ass flight.  I have nothing bad to say about Asiana Airlines.  However, I could have done without the angry lady from India that smelled like curry and B.O.  Seriously, mellow out or take a shower, one of the two would make me happy.

Day one down and so far so good.  I think I live in the Daebong neighborhood within the Dongjak district of Seoul.  My apartment is super tiny, makes me think of my time in Denmark, like I’m a student again.  In fact, a lot about this experience so far reminds me of Denmark:  I can’t read anything, only the young people understand me and I have no car.  The big difference this time is technology.  Having a lap top with internet access, without having to go to the computer lab at school, is huge.  And a portable hard drive for all my tunes, pictures and videos beats the hell out of a discman with crappy speakers plugged in and only 25 cd’s because they took up too much space.  Not messing with loads of camera film and having a camcorder the size of a cell phone isn’t all that bad either.

The people have been very friendly.   I took a lot of time today to walk around, trying to get to know my surroundings.  Groups of kids would wave at me and say hello until I responded.  A little old lady asked me to sit next to her on the subway.   My cab driver last night took extra time to point out meaningful attractions like bridges, towers, rivers and buildings.  He also shared how proud he was to have visited the World Trade Center in NYC prior to September 11th, how he frequently looks at his photos from that trip, and how much it will mean to him to visit the new buildings in the future to pay his respects.  He then had a few choice words to say about Bin Laden.

So I hope to make this a place to share the interesting and humorous things that happen to me while living on the other side of the Pacific.  Let’s just hope that interesting and humorous things happen to me while I’m here so that I can share them.  So first, this is my first experience with Korean transportation, on the hour long shuttle from the airport to Seoul’s Central Air Terminal.

Lastly, I hear the Blazers barely lost last night.  From the looks of it, it sounds like having to pull off yet another extreme deficit proved too much the young squad.  I can’t wait to see what happens in a year or two.  And I think they can beat Houston in game 4… And I ate what was the spiciest sausage of all times today, it was from a street vendor outside of Boramae Park, and it was on a stick, my mouth is still en fuego.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on April 26, 2009.

One Response to “I made it, I have internet access, and I can’t read anything”

  1. D. You could be a travel journelist! Your discriptions of the local scene are great. You have a great perspective on what’s going on.
    Thanks for sharing with so much detail your adventure.
    It makes me want to go on an adventure myself.

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