Dopest Korean Rapper

I ran across this lyrical assassin , complete with groupies waving hands in the air, performing as part of Seoul Street Artists week.

He was fiend, before he became a teen.  He melt the microphone instead of cones of ice cream.  He’s one of the deepest on the mic since Adidas.  After 12, he’s worse than a Gremlin, feed him hip hop and he starts tremblin’.  He breaks the code of silence with overloads of talent.  Cool, cause he don’t get upset, he kicked a whole in the speaker pulled the plug then he jet.  He’s asiatic, and blazen microphone’s a habit.  He rhymes with a sawed off mic so words scatter like a rifle.  As soon as the bass kicks, he needs a fix, give him a stage and a mic and a mix.

You’ve been warned, what you about to see is the bomb

(Above reference credit due to Rakim)


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~ by ripcitytoseoul on May 7, 2009.

5 Responses to “Dopest Korean Rapper”

  1. My ears just melted down the side of my face. That was incredible!!

  2. Hey D,

    I hear from Chris all is good there. I love all the pictures. The street rapper is great. No Snoop Dogg but who is! Here is a Rip City rapper for you…check him out. My brother-in-laws frat buddy.

    Jaimie & Josh & Marcus

  3. I like how he sang, “I’ll be missing you, and you, and you…” as if the audience members were friends who had died. Weird.

  4. He’s just gettin sick wit it, yo!

  5. Makes me think of an old Dana Carvey routine, where he thought Sting chose such a cool name because it was a Verb, Present Tense. This guy is more past tense…. At least he’s not gettin’ jiggy witchu. (Maybe that’s next week.)

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