Snapshot of my ‘Hood’: Swine Scare Week Off Day 6

Without leaving my neighborhood during Swine Scare Week, I was afraid I would not have much to talk about.  Fortunately, that has not been the case.  Today, like the last 6 days, my excuse to get out of the apartment was to head to my favorite market and take out restaurants to purchase food and beverage, even though I’m pretty stocked as it is.  So today, I thought I’d share some interesting things about my neighborhood, at least the area between my pad and my office.

This is something I’ve been meaning to show.  It’s on the sign for a restaurant right next to my apartment.  Doesn’t he look like the prolific singer/songwriter The Artist Formerly Known as Prince? I’m constantly humming I Would Die 4 U, thinking of Tipper and Al Gore walking in to their daughter’s room and being disgusted to the lyrics of Darling Nikki, which lead to the founding of the Parents Music Resource Center that advocated the mandatory use of the Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics sticker I tried to hide from my mom as a kid.


The following photos are from the side street that I often choose as my path to work instead of staying on the main drag because it is way more interesting.  You can buy all kinds of things: meat, fish, vegetables, spices, fresh baked goods and some smelly things I can’t explain.









I’m almost home and there is a huge mess of taxi cabs on my street.  Normally you see this at an event, or late night in a happening area of town…what the hell is going on in my neighborhood at 1pm on a Monday that would require that super long line of cabs?  They are wrapped around the block.  Two of them are in a confrontation over their places in line.  It appears one of them cut in front of the other, so the guy in back to got out of his car and verbally assaulted the guy in pole position.  It gathered a crowd of about 7-8, me included, Trader Joe’s grocery bag in hand.


So I walk past my apartment and up the street to find out what’s causing the cabby convention.  Down on the corner next to the stand slanging waffles with frosting in the middle, this little auto shop is rotating tires and vacuuming out cabs, 2 at a time, pretty much in the middle of the street.  Why they all must be here at the same time is beyond me.  How this little shop landed all this business also blows me away.


Tomorrow is the last day of “house arrest”.  The swine flu has all but been forgotten about.  The teachers who were infected, or who were exposed to the H1N1 virus, have been let out of quarantine.   I hope there is a revised procedure for entrance in to the country, though it may lead to even more xenophobia of foreigners, of which I really haven’t experienced.

Soon I will be too busy at work to blog every day, and that’s a good thing.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on June 1, 2009.

One Response to “Snapshot of my ‘Hood’: Swine Scare Week Off Day 6”

  1. Party like it’s 1999, dude! He’s either “glyph” (which is what Greg and I called him after he went all symbolic on us) or one of the kids from the old Fat Albert cartoon….(OK, that shows MY age….)

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