Shrimp Burger Thunder Storm: Swine Scare Week Off Day 7

I’ve been reading expat blogs to pass the time.  They are very informative about where to go, what to do, what to eat and what to avoid.  Something the foodie blogs have mentioned is the Shrimp Burger at Lotteria, which is like Korean McDonald’s.  Lotte is a huge conglomerate of a company, with 60 business units including groups in shopping, hotels, candy and food production, heavy chemicals, entertainment, you name it.  Lotteria is the fast food unit.  And there is a Lotteria super close to my office, right next to the market where I do most of my shopping.  I haven’t had any fast food since my Big Mac experience that first week in Korea, and walk by the Lotteria all the time… so I decided today was Shrimp Burger day.

The weather has been nice lately, 80’s or so, not too muggy yet.  I haven’t worn pants during Swine Scare Week Off, and usually pack shades when heading out for my daily walk.  Same goes for today.  But as soon as I step outside I notice it feels different.  Not as warm as usual, definitely more humid.  Grey daytime skies.

I’m about 5 minutes from the Lotteria, and a Korean teen stops in the middle of the street, holds out his hand, and announces something to the group of men squatting on the corner having a smoke.  Squatting seems to be a preferred method of leisurely waiting around.  Korean men squat at the bus stop, outside their buildings having a smoke, or just hanging around having a conversation.


I think he announces that he felt a rain drop, because I just felt one as well.  Then I notice a subtle hurried frenzy in the streets and with the sidewalk vendors.  Ladies start walking very fast.  A few more drops hit my legs, the back of my neck.  What they know that I don’t yet is that a nasty thunder storm is on the way.  Now ladies are flat out running.

Gradually more rain, but nothing major quite yet.  I’m walking pretty darn fast and wishing I would have checked the forecast, or at least had the foresight to think about packing an umbrella.  As I enter the restaurant I see a bright flash in the sky, and while inside the restaurant hear the loud thunder BOOM.  After ordering the Shrimp Burger set, with fries and Pepsi Max, I turn around to sit and wait.  It’s freaking pouring.  And least I made it inside before it really got going, but I’m totally screwed getting home.  Damn you Shrimp Burger!

I grab my food and sit by the front windows to watch the chaos that ensues on the sidewalks.  Deciding to take my time eating to see if it will blow over, I get distracted for a while watching people run, slip on the sidewalks and push each other out of the way.  Impatient scooters, driving on the sidewalks, are beeping their horns trying to get around hordes of pedestrians.  Permed middle aged Korean women (which I’m learning are referred to as adjumas) are hustling with papers over their head.  Not to mention I inadvertently sat next to a woman having a breakdown moment.  Her friend is trying to console her by rubbing her arm and hands.  She only takes her face out of her napkin to holler out a few short bursts of words and then buries her face again.

But enough with all of that, time to get my Shrimp Burger on.  At first bite it reminds me of the McD’s filet of fish, but after about 5 seconds I realize that it’s so much more.   It’s actual shrimp, processed no doubt, but actual shrimp, pressed and formed in to a patty and fried.  There is lettuce and a sauce on top, think tartar mixed with thousand island.  It’s not all that bad.  The fries are nothing to write home about, and Pepsi Max sucks.  Next I’m contemplating the Squid Burger or the Bulgogi Burger.

Shrimp Burger

I’m done with my food and it’s still dumping, with bursts of flashing light and thunder claps.  I duck in to a little shopping area next door and buy an umbrella for the walk home.  I need to return the umbrella I’m using anyway.  When my branch manager and director moved me in, the director dug an umbrella out of his trunk and gave it to me.  I’m assuming he wants it back.

Armed with my brand new umbrella, I’m ready for the walk home, which was absolutely miserable.  I might as well as not had the umbrella, because I ended up completely soaked.  I stopped a few times to get some video.  By the time I stopped the rain had died down a bit.  I was able to kind of get some lightning in the shot, even though it was daytime and hard to capture on camera.

Not sure what I’m gonna during monsoon season.  I’ll be absolutely drenched through by the time I get to work.

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