Today, finishee means a couple of things to me.  One, I’m finished with Swine Scare Week ’09, and am officially free to frolic the streets of Seoul in search of trouble.  Two, it’s an ode to the hilarious kids I spend my days with, now that I am back to work after our little influenza induced vacation.   I hear this phrase about 100 times a day, after completing a portion of the lesson and waiting for the other students to finish…“Teacher, finishee”.  Their Korean accent adds the extra flava at the end of the word.  It’s comedy.  It’s the same thing with the words trashee, or garagee.  Actually, it’s more like finisheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

We started Summer Term today.  Although this morning I was kind of dreading going back… maybe it was too much time lounging around the past week, scared of catching my next student germinated cold… it was actually a pretty fun day.  I have all new classes.  Still 8 of them on MWF, but instead of having to learn 3 lessons, I have to learn 6.  The only difference is needing more time to prep for class.

About half of the current students I taught last term, and the rest are obviously new.  I was somewhat surprised at some of the reactions I got, upon returning to the classroom and finding out I was their teacher this term.  A few of them that I think are good students, and gave really good marks to, seemed surprised/disappointed to see me.  However, the majority of them were stoked to see me.  And, a few of them that I kind of lit in to last term, and was pretty tough on, were really happy to see me.  I think it’s because after I lit them up, they started behaving, and then they started learning, and then we all had fun together in class.  And a lot of my students from last term, that I don’t teach this term, made sure to come visit and say hi, which I thought was pretty cool.  I handed out a lot of high fives in the hallways today.  I even got a few comments from the other teachers, saying their students now are saying how much they liked me last term.

Now for a few bits of comedy from my day back to work…

One of my new kids by the English name of Daniel, in my last class of the day, was wearing the most amazing oversized baseball hat.  The sight of Korea’s youth wearing a hat  saying BLACK REBEL across the front was so worth having to go back to work today.  I wanted a picture of it sooooooo bad.  I even pulled my camera out at the end of class, showing the students… look kids, teacher’s neat camera… Hey Daniel, can I get a picture of your hat?  Immediately transforming from an outgoing student that knows all the answers in class, to a shy and embarrassed little kid, I took the response as a negatory good buddy.

Also, because our whole company was down for a week, and I’m the only Westerner/Whitey in my particular school… logically it makes perfect sense that I had the Swine Flu.  It took me a short while to comprehend what they were asking me.   “Teacher, teacher did you have SI?”, and while pointing at me, “SI teacher?”  Oh I get it, SI being swine influenza.  Seriously, about 5-6 different students asked me that today, followed by “My mom was asking me…”  I just laughed and said NO, nobody here has/had SI.  Tell your parents kids, nobody at this school had the pig virus.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on June 3, 2009.

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