Dong Chim

I was gonna write about my all-nighter in Hongdae that started with Korean BBQ and Soju and ended in a Burger King double stacker at 6:30am, followed by almost sleeping my way past the subway transfer at Daerim where I purchased what was the best can of apple juice I have ever had and a hot bag of delicious delimanjoo, which are machine made spongy cakes shaped like little ears of corn and are filled with custard… but you can get those stories from any expat’s blog

What is way more interesting… this week I got a lesson in Dong Chim.

Whenever the story I’m teaching talks about different cities and countries, I always walk to the back of the classroom and drop an additional geography knowledge bomb on the kids by pointing on the giant map on the wall. My back was facing a few boys while showing the class Zimbabwe, and when I turned around they were giggling. Of course I ask them what they are laughing at… not to get them in trouble, but because usually it’s something that I will find funny as well because I have the sense of humor of a grade school child. And the results this day did not disappoint.

One boy says, “Teacher, he was going to Dong Chim.” So I ask what Dong Chim is and all the students make this with their hands and start demonstrating on each other.


Dong Chim translates to “poop needle” and is performed by jamming your fingers up the victims back side, as demonstrated by the wonderful piece of art below. Apparently it’s a fairly common practical joke in Japan and Korea.

dc statue

So after my Dong Chim introduction a few days ago, in my now sleep deprived state, I discover that I am currently missing out on the World’s Longest Dong Chim Chain which took place in Seoul today in front of Guinness Book of World Records representatives.

I’m super glad I did not receive a Dong Chim from my kids.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on June 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “Dong Chim”

  1. Seriously, how confusing would THAT have been? It’s one thing if you grow up in Korea, and have seen or experienced the poop needle phenomenon. But having gone 30 years in the States without the old Dong Chim… I imagine that would have been quite a surprise.

  2. No Way! If that happened here, that person would be arrested! I am so happy you didn’t get Dong Chimmed! Better watch your back! 🙂

  3. Yeah, I find it hard to consider anything related to an anal probe a joke.

  4. I have heard it is a common greeting here in the states also…IN PRISON!

  5. where is this statue?!

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