Rock Scissor Paper

Rock Scissor Paper is the answer to conflict in my classroom.  The beauty is that it’s considered a completely fair method of selection.  Sure, you can argue some skill involved in victory, but at this level I would mostly consider it a game of chance.  The kids may be disappointed, but they always accept the outcome as impartial.

What started as a way to select characters once a week for the acting portion of the Speaking lesson has turned into pretty much a daily activity.  Rock Scissor Paper has determined the line up order prior to leaving class for the day.  It has decided which scene we will memorize for the acting video.  It sometimes decides who will answer my comprehension questions when the usual hand raisers insist on being the student to share their knowledge with the rest of the class who are sleeping their way through the lesson.

Any chance this decision making flexibility could rub off on our neighbors to the North?  It wouldn’t be ideal, but compared to belligerent defiance and bravado, at least this would be an interesting way to tackle some of the current conflicts.  Maybe the South could inform the North that no more Choco-Pies will be imported unless they implement the Rock Scissor Paper method.

U.N. Inspector:  We wish to board your vessel because we believe you are transporting nuclear capabilities and ballistic missiles to other countries.

North Korea:  Absolutely not you capitalist pig.  Boarding our vessel will be considered an act of war

U.N. Inspector:  Rock Scissor Paper?

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on June 22, 2009.

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