K-Pop invades Portland

Korean Pop music is referred to as K-Pop.  It’s obnoxious.  It’s extremely catchy.  It has a way of seeping in to your head and bouncing around in an unsuccessful attempt to escape.

Many of the little girls in my classes can sing these songs.  Frequently, after they hear me say a word that they recognize from one of the songs, they start dancing in their chairs, singing the words and mimicking the hand motions from the music videos, completely forgetting that I’m standing in front of them, in the middle of a lesson that will fill their brains with mastery of the English language instead of this music.

… And it’s coming to Portland

K-Pop sensations Wonder Girls are opening for the Jonas Brothers at the Rose Garden Arena on Saturday, June 27th.  It’s the first date on their tour, as seen in the schedule section of their website below.


Here is a youtube video live performance of the song Nobody.  Residents of Rip City, you could be seeing this live on Saturday.

If there was any doubt of the effect this music has on the youth of Korea, you must watch the following videos that I borrowed from some other blogs that I read.   If you watched the above video, you will recognize the song about 1 minute into this video.

And no, I don’t do that in my classroom, even though it looks like a lot of fun.  I did however get a video of my students singing Octopus’s Garden from Abbey Road today.  Very me.  Write me if you’d like to see it.

Lastly, this is from a Korean TV show, complete with subtitles… and it’s disturbing.

Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com


~ by ripcitytoseoul on June 23, 2009.

One Response to “K-Pop invades Portland”

  1. Gosh, sorry I missed that concert Saturday. But the “Wonder baby” vid is a perfect example of why one should not use the TV as a babysitter – you never know what they’ll pick up….

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