Draft day memories… tribute to Ha Seung Jin


I’ve been holding on to this topic for a while, and what better day to resurrect the spirit of Ha Seung Jin than NBA draft day 2009.  Ha was the first Korean to play in the NBA, and he played for…

… your… Portland…Trail Blazers!

The Blazers selected Ha as the 46th pick in the 2nd round of the 2004 NBA draft.  Dude is 7 foot 3 inches and over 300 lbs.

These were memorable days for me and my posse of Trail Blazermaniacs.  It was the tail end of the Jail Blazer era, I’m pretty sure the first season we purchased the most amazing game package of all time.  For only $99 we received a Flex Pass which guaranteed tickets in the red section up top, to 25 Trail Blazer basketball games.  The games were pre-determined, so we were not given the freedom of choose the opponents, but at that price it really didn’t matter.  The beauty of the package was when the lower bowl didn’t sell out, which was nearly every game we went to, our seats were automatically upgraded.  So for $4 a game, we generally ended up with $49 ticket in the lower bowl, which I believe go for around $74 now.

with Yao

From these seats we could be heard screaming at the top of our lungs…”HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” every time the giant Korean touched the basketball.  Who else were we going to root for?  Khryapa?  Telfair?  Ratliff?  Z-Bo?

And I’ll never forget the evening we saw Ha at Tigard Bowl.  We were there for CW’s birthday celebration, drinking pitchers and bowling the lanes (mark it zero dude), when in walks the giant man.  Ladies and gentlemen, Ha Seung Jin had entered the building, accompanied by a group of not so attractive Korean women. Looking back I have to wonder about that. There are boat loads of attractive women in Korea… Portland must be deficient.

Ha actually started 4 games when Przybilla and Ratliff went down with injuries.  Ha was then traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in 2006 but waived just before the ’06-’07 season.  He now plays for KCC Egis here in Seoul and won a korean Basketball League championship last year.  I think the season starts in October.  At that time I may be asking some of you back home to give me your best effort towards acquiring a #5 Ha Trail Blazer jersey for me to sport around Korea.


Here’s to you Ha.  I hope to see you this upcoming season.

Thinking of you

make it rain

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