And Boom Goes the … Computer

On the same day that I taught a lesson titled The History of Weapons, where we discussed old school weapons that were made of stone, bronze, iron as well as weapons that started using gunpowder…

… on this day a student literally blew up my classroom computer.

The culprit is a funny kid, but kind of a troublemaker.  He’s sharp, so he doesn’t necessarily have to spend as much time trying in class, he gets it already.  So today, instead of spending the later part of the class memorizing the acting script with the rest of the better behaved students, he decides to poke around at the back of the computer.  I’m standing at the other end of the classroom, helping other kids practice their lines, and we all hear a loud POP.  Everyone turns in time to see him hastily pull his hand back from the computer, no doubt freaked out.  And here comes the black smoke.  When all the kids start screaming, complaining of the electrical fire stink, I move them to an empty classroom, and grab the branch manager to fix the problem.  She lit him up verbally, we could all hear next door as I’m trying my best to get the computer fired up to continue the lesson before the rest of the kids become too restless.

Luckily one of our teachers was not at work today, so I was able to use his classroom for the remainder of the day.  However I’m not sure what I am going to do tomorrow.  Everything is web based, projected on a white board and blasted through speakers, so it’s very difficult to teach without a computer, not to mention keeping up with the grading and attendance.

All that said, it was kind of cool to see a computer blow.  After picking his pride up off the floor following the tongue lashing, he explained to the branch manager how he did it.  Turns out he hit some kind of little tiny voltage switch.  Salvageable?  I doubt it.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on July 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “And Boom Goes the … Computer”

  1. That sucks… but it’s also really funny. I’m sure that kid will tell the “I blew up a computer” story for many years to come.

  2. You should get that kid a T-shirt that says “Computer go Boom!” In old english script of course.

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