I encourage my youngest students to draw on the back of their daily review tests while they are waiting for the other students to finisheee. If I don’t give them something to do they will talk and distract the kids still working on their tests. Lately these drawings have been pretty awesome.

A few days ago, joking around I picked up one of their cell phones and said the universal Korean cell phone greeting, “Yoboseyo”. I haven’t lived it down since. Not only did they laugh in amazement for the next 2-3 minutes, rendering it impossible to teach, but I could hear them out in the hall after class telling other students, “Blah blah blah, Dustin Teacher, blah blah blah, Yoboseyo”, followed high pitched squealing and giggling. Now they hand me their phone everyday and ask me to say Yoboseyo. I get out of it by reminding them that this is English class. So the following pictures refer to me (Teacher) being a Korean person, or as they like to say it, “Teacher is Korean/Correan people”. You will also see, “Teacher phone is Korea phone”, and a stick figure talking on a cell phone saying Yoboseyo in Korean.




The following picture is of Zolaman, a Korean stick figure cartoon character. A few of my little boys love the stuff and draw him all over their text books. This picture shows him shooting a gun and killing robbers, and then dieing after the robbers stab him back. Little Korean boys are obsessed with the words die and died, except they don’t understand when to use them correctly.


Here are a few youtube videos of Zolaman

And this last picture was drawn the next day following the first time I had to raise my voice to get this class to listen. It freaked them out. He spelled angry “engry” and now refers to me as Hulk.


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~ by ripcitytoseoul on July 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Drawings”

  1. I am not sure I follow the plot of the Zolaman cartoons…maybe you should introduce them to South Park

  2. Another example of how it comes as a shock when us Wilshire men get “engry.” Haha! Your kids sound like so much fun.

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