Butterfinger Pancakes

*Originally written in July 2009, updated at the bottom

The Western breakfast at Butterfinger Pancakes is held in high regard on other expat blogs.  It’s located in Gangnam, an area my girl and I like to spend time in.  Knowing it was a destination I had to check out, I was happy to randomly stumble upon it while wandering around Gangnam a few months ago.  I bookmarked the location in my mind, confident that I’d be returning to try some of that food soon, which I did recently.

Outside Butterfinger

The menu is in English, and is loaded with all the usual breakfast foods you would find back at home.   You’ll notice the extremely large plates of food being served while waiting a long time to be seated, only increasing the hunger you feel. There is no shortage of food.  However the pancakes themselves are not that big.  Unfortunately they are not the man-cakes found at the Stepping Stone Café back home in Portland, which I had the pleasure of living within a short walk of. But these pancakes taste just as good, if not better.  Many different kinds of pancakes are available to choose from, with a variety of syrups, fruit compotes and a few kinds of butter.  Eggs how you want them, hash browns, home style potatoes, ham, bacon, sausage patties and fat links as well as quite a several lunch items are available on the menu.

I ordered the first thing on the menu, customizing with regular pancakes, regular butter and maple syrup, scrambled eggs, sausage patty, bacon and hash browns.  The pancakes were amazing.  Really, really good.  The eggs and hash browns were cold and not so good.  Maybe they would have been better if they were served warm.  No amount of salt and pepper was bringing them back to life.  The bacon was excellent, but the sausage patty was a little weird. I’m not sure what kind of meat it was but it didn’t necessarily taste like pork.  The best thing on our table was the ginger pecan pancakes that we split.  They were amazing and guaranteed a return visit.

Butterfinger Pancakes

I will make sure to order different next time.  Huge thumbs up on the delicious pancakes, everything else was a bit questionable. I’m positive it would have been a different story if my food was served hot.

Lastly, something to note is the bathroom for dudes.  What appears to be a nice bathroom, at least from the outside, is available for the ladies in the restaurant, upstairs and in the back.  However, dudes have to use the public bathroom that is there for the entire building, which is out the back door on the second floor, taking you to a narrow walkway outside of building, through a giant puddle of who knows what, in to a horrifying public bathroom with stinky urinals and the squatters, no actual toilets.  I pretty much walked in and immediately turned right around, choosing to hold it instead.


We have made several return visits to Butterfinger Pancakes since the initial meal that ate I before writing this piece. The food gets better and better. Maybe it’s because I’ve been away from home longer, and am missing Western breakfast food more and more. I think it’s because my food was served cold on the first visit. I ordered a fairly common plate, and I’m sure plenty of them were made ahead of time, and unlucky for me, I got one that had been sitting there for a while. But we’ve had great luck since.

The pancakes remain amazing. The ginger pecan variety is still our favorite. The banana, strawberry and apple compotes are all a good choice. The sausage patty is iffy, but you can’t go wrong with any of the wide variety of sausage links that they serve. I surprisingly prefer the hash brown potatoes over the home style potatoes, which are served with too much Thyme for my taste buds. And the eggs over easy are substantially better than the scrambled.

And if you’re really missing home, give the mashed potatoes and gravy a try. It’s probably only instant potatoes with canned gravy, but it tastes damn good to the palate that hasn’t had anything like that in quite a while.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on July 27, 2009.

6 Responses to “Butterfinger Pancakes”

  1. Sound like the average dive bar bathroom in P-town. I guess we at least have toilets.

  2. I make the mistake of reading this post PRIOR to eating breakfast this morning. Where am I going to find ginger pecan pancakes around here?

  3. Good ole Stepping Stone.

    Just a shout out to another Portlander –> Seoulite.

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