I finally decided it was time to visit Coex Mall, which is Asia’s largest underground mall as well as Korea’s largest shopping center.  I’m never really in the mood for shopping, especially at a mega mall, but I needed a pair of flip flops and have been unable to find my size anywhere.  Koreans and their small feet.  Also, there is lot to do there, and I figured now is as good a time as any to acquaint myself with the mega shopping complex.  The Coex Mall of course has shops, but it also has food courts, restaurants, department stores, luxury hotels, a casino, bars and nightclubs, art galleries, a cinema multiplex, a PlayStation game zone and a giant conference center.  It also has an aquarium and a kimchi museum, and probably more.  It’s a pretty big place, and a bit of a maze.

I hate shopping, so I had to approach my visit more with the mind set of sightseeing.  And here’s my visit in pictures:







I didn’t see a movie.  The only thing playing that I recognized was Harry Potter, so I opted to visit Bongeunsa Temple after instead.  I didn’t go in the Aquarium, but have been discussing a visit on a later date.  I didn’t find the kimchi museum.  And I found the casino but didn’t go in because I read somewhere that you need your passport, something about only foreigners being allowed to gamble.

But… I did find my flip flops.  They are hideous, and hurt my feet… but they fit.  It was literally the only pair in this huge store that fit my average American sized feet.  And I did try some new food for lunch.  I went with a pork cutlet in curry sauce, something I see people eating all the time.  I also got a scoop of cookies n’ cream at the Baskin Robbins that was just OK, wasn’t as sweet as I’d have liked.  And it’s worth mentioning that Oregon was well represented at the Nike Store in the mall.  I’ll save the pics for later.



Because I’m not a mall person, I was more intrigued by the neighborhood than I was the mall itself.  I found lots of tall buildings, interesting architecture, and people out and about on a random week day afternoon.  There is also a very cool Buddhist Temple, something I’ll write about soon.






I’m sure I’ll be heading back to the Coex Mall soon, hopefully for the cultural aspects of the area and not for the shopping.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on July 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “COEX”

  1. Awesome pictures! I was there today too, and Gyeongbokgung Palace the other day and i found your blog looking for a laundromat somehow lol. Hope you keep enjoying yourself!

  2. […] mall as well as Korea’s largest shopping center. I have visited once before and wrote about it here. You could spend forever in there if you were in to the mall thing. I’m not, and because we’ve […]

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