I decided to go down to Hangang Park, reading on the internet that it was a starting point for one of the daily Han River cruises.  A friend and I have been talking about seeing the city from the river, and what better way than a river cruise.  But on my way, I got distracted by a walk through Yeouido.

Yeouido is known as Seoul’s Manhattan.  It’s home to the Korean Stock Exchange, most finance and insurance companies, and other big time things like the major TV broadcasting and media companies.  I guess it’s an island, but I didn’t walk enough to see the other side of the river.  I can see the Manhattan comparison as far as what takes place on the island, and that it is supposedly an island… but it doesn’t really feel like Manhattan.  There are however a few Korean renditions of the Wall Street Bull statue found in front of some financial institutions.



And I did see MBC, the major broadcasting company



I was most impressed with the awesome fried street food dumpling/donut that I found.  The filling was similar to what you would find inside some of the steamed kogi mandu around here, with what tastes like minced or ground pork, pepper and green onions.  But this also had some cabbage and onions in it.  So good.


Then it was off to the park.  My goal was to figure out the river cruise and then rent a bike for a rally session up and down the river.  However, the park was under construction, and not a whole lot was going on.   I did find the river cruise, and it seems easy enough.  The schedule changes daily, but it looks like it departs pretty much every hour or so.  But so much for my bike riding idea.  I found the little rental kiosk structures, with signs advertising the hourly rates and everything … however they had been moved and all left to rot away in a different spot of the park because of the construction.  Booooooooo.





So instead I took a cab over to Namsan Park, and climbed to Seoul Tower, seen in some of the pictures above.  I’ll save that for another post.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on August 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Yeouido”

  1. truly inspiring. i can’t wait to see seoul. be moving there in october. hope to see ya!

    • There are tons of things to do here. Do your best to get out and about as much as possible.

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