Dust in the Wind

If I have extra time during my classes I try to provide as many real world examples of what we are learning about as possible. Usually that means pulling up songs on itunes. We’ve had lessons on The Beatles, on the similarities between hip-hop and reggae and most recently on the similarities between German Oom-Pah and Mexican Mariachi music.

Unrelated to any recent lesson, but just because they love the music examples, and because I’m an awesome teacher, about a month ago I decided to give them a tidbit of American Progressive Rock knowledge. I told them that there was a famous American song that had my name in it, asked if they wanted to hear it, told them they could hear it at the end of class if they behaved … then I played them the epic Kansas song Dust in the Wind.

Now, in proof that I am an effective teacher, and that the children of Korea retain the knowledge bombs I drop on them, this photo of a desk was taken this past week, quite some time after the Kansas jam session. It was discovered when a student that was not in the that particular class spotted the graffiti and blurted out, “Teacher, what’s this mean?”…


I wish they understood, “You’re my boy Blue!”

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on August 30, 2009.

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