Sinchon Dive Bars

After a random week night dinner in Sinchon recently my girl and I decided to walk around the neighborhood. This area is home to an awesome collection of dive bars, many of them classic rock themed. We saw bars called The Doors, The Beatles old music bar and Judas or Sabbath. We also went inside a little dive simply called The Bar. Of all of them listed here, Judas or Sabbath was the only one we did not go into.




We started at The Doors. The staircase up to the second floor is lined with some pretty cool artwork. The bar itself is decorated with various classic rock images and collectibles. Most of these places have an endless selection of vinyl displayed behind the bar, however the bartenders are usually playing the songs heard from a computer. And they take requests. This bar also had quite a selection of whiskey and scotch. We were the only people in the place for a while, sweating a little because the A/C wasn’t on.




After a few shots of whiskey and a beer, in a move to lighten my workload the following morning and not feel so guilty about playing on a school night, we decided to grade the review tests I was packing around in my work bag. It seemed like a great idea until noticed the smell of cigarettes coming from the stack of papers the next morning as I handed them back to the students.

We requested a handful of songs by The Doors, had our drinks, finished marking the papers, and moved on to the Beatles bar. Similar, but it was a bit nicer, cleaner, and in a basement providing a cooler experience. Even though I love a bar decked out in Beatles images, it was quite expensive, so we quickly moved on to The Bar for an Irish Carbomb and a pint of Guiness for a night cap. These guys played everything we requested and gave us a ton of little snacks to munch on.




My birthday is in a few weeks and we’re talking about getting some people together for a little bar crawl in this neighborhood.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on September 1, 2009.

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  1. Shouldn’t they be called Korean Car Bombs?

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