Sights at Night

Recently my girl and I took in some of Seoul’s sights at night. I do most of my sightseeing during the day. During the week, night time is typically spent in my shoebox apartment either working late or spending time on the computer. On the weekend, night time is typically spent exploring bars and restaurants in a handful of neighborhoods, sometimes an occasional park. If there is one thing Korea does right, it’s a park. But, until this point I haven’t done a lot of sights at night.

We started with a Hangang cruise. The Han River was beautiful at night. We boarded the Hangangland cruise at Yeouido, Hangang Park, and did the 1.5 hour roundtrip cruise. It was packed this August evening. Being prepared like we do, we got there a little early, snagged the tickets, and were at the front of the line to board, ensuring we would have the choicest seats at the front of the vessel for maximum comfort and sightseeing exposure. We were those people.




The cruise was relaxing. Seeing the city at night from the river offered a new perspective. Traveling under the bridges, listening to the traffic and the subway trains race by on top. Seeing Seoul Tower change color from a distance. Floating past the National Assembly building. Listening to the live entertainment inside, as she played both Korean and American acoustic hits, nothing but the hits. However, I’m not sure Clapton’s Tears in Heaven was fitting, kind of a strange selection.




After the cruise, and a failed attempt at locating a Starbucks in Yeouido, we took a taxi to Seoul Tower. I’ve been by myself in the daytime, but it’s a completely different experience at night. The cable car to the top of the mountain is awesome at night. At the top we had some food, some ice cream, admired the changing tower colors, witnessed the over-rated laser show, and admired the view from atop the city at night. Staying until they basically kicked us out, we decided to hike down the mountain instead of riding the packed cable car, allowing us to take our time and stop at a few more viewpoints on our way down.



A nice August night brings the whole city out. The cruise was slammed and the tower was packed with people. Old, young or even infant, Korean, foreign… there were so many people out and about, all over the city. That’s what is cool about this place. People are always out and about, everywhere. When we got back to Ilsan, the streets and parks were packed with people, late in to the night. Even the little tiny city park by my apartment will have people sitting in it at all hours of the night.

This experience makes me wanna plan more sightsy night time activities. The usual eat and drink and occasional park at night is equally rad, but there a lot of unique experiences out there that make Seoul and South Korea a pretty cool place, and I plan on seeing them all. Night time is a great time to do it.

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