Moon Blues Road Trip Part 1: Guri

I was recently invited on a weekend road trip through South Korea that turned out to be one of the cooler experiences that I have had since living in Asia. We started in Guri, a satellite city just East of Seoul, traveled South to Mount Daedunsan outside of Daejon, saw the Oeam Folk Village, stayed in a condo in Asan, visited Sudeoksa Temple and Monastery, saw the ocean in Dangjin and took a ferry to Sonanjido for the afternoon, swam with the jelly fish, and rallied back to Seoul by Sunday night.

Before setting out on our roadie, we spent Friday night in Guri. A friend that invited my girl and I on this adventure lived in Guri last year. Some of her really good friends are the guys that own the Moon Blues bar. This crew is pretty amazing. The four of them have known each other since they were babies. The bar has become quite the hangout for expats living in Guri, and it’s easy to see why. As you walk down the steps to the bar you’ll notice an awesome collection of LP’s framed on the wall. As you enter the bar, there is a stage on the left with a full band ensemble just begging to be jammed on. The wall of the stage is decorated with an awesome Yellow Submarine scene. The bar itself is comfortable as hell, with comfortable couches instead wrapped around the tables. I can imagine what it would be like to party there on a busy night. This night however was super mellow at Moon Blues, so went to another part of town to meet up with a bunch of her friends.


These friends of hers treated up to some of the best samgyeopsal (Korean pork belly) that I’ve had in Korea. After, we went to a bar around the corner for Kiwi Soju. This stuff is neon green and damn delicious. We ordered 1 pitcher and they brought us three. Did any of it get returned? Of course not, we drank all 3.

Korea 6 Summer 2009 107

It was cool to experience the foreigner community in a place like Guri. I live in the mega major city of Seoul, with millions upon millions of people stacked on top of each other. Although there are plenty of foreigners in Seoul, my neighborhood has very few, and although I should hang out with some of the foreigners I have met in my neighborhood more, my exposure to them has been pretty minimal. However, in a much smaller place like Guri, the foreigner community seems much tighter knit, which is something that could be a pretty rewarding experience.

At the end of the night, my girl and I retired to our love motel. The love motel is a major part of Korean culture. It’s a super cheap hotel room, mostly used by young Korean couples who still live at home and are looking for a place to escape, by adulterous Koreans trying to hide from their indiscretions from their significant others, or by travelers looking for an inexpensive hotel room. No joke, many of these establishments have curtains across the entrance to shield your car and its license plate from passers by.



After only a few hours sleep, we were up and at ‘em. McDonald’s in hand, we met the crew at Moon Blues and prepared for our road trip. Apparently the Moon Blues guys take these road trips to various locations across Korea a few times a year. The entourage the four Moon Blues guys assembled for this trip consisted of my girl and I, our friend who invited us along, 2 American dudes and a Canadian dude. 10 total. 1 car and 1 SUV completely packed. Next up, day 1 on the road…

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on September 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “Moon Blues Road Trip Part 1: Guri”

  1. I like the round bed. Did it take quarters?

  2. Dude I love it…keep writing you have a gift 🙂

  3. The pitchers of Anti Freeze look delicious!!

  4. pretty dope so far. i know you posted this blog like mad ages ago, but…shit nigga i got shit iz needs to do.

    ps…this is V

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