Moon Blues Road Trip Part 2: Daedunsan, Oeam and the condo

We were on the road by 8:30 am. My car was 2 of the Moon Blues guys, my girl and I and our friend. Fortunately, I was sitting bitch for most of the trip. Obviously the best seat for a dude my size in a smaller sized sedan. The other car was just as packed. Comfort aside, it was a really amazing experience being able to see Korea from a car. Not only have I barely left the Seoul area the whole time I have been here, but my only experience in a car has been in a taxi. Rallying Korea in a car, listening to awesome tunes made me feel like I was at home again.


Besides the rest stop, our first destination was Daedunsan Mountain in Jeollabuk-do. This province in Southwestern Korea is known for its national, provincial and county parks that offer some of the country’s finest hikes and scenery. The mountain was so beautiful on this September afternoon. I have read that it’s a 3 hour hike without taking the cable car, and a 2 hour hike if you use the cable car. We of course used the cable car. The hike consists of a paved path, lots of metal stairs, a few sketchy metal bridges and a steep climb up flat rocks to the top. There multiple stops on the way up the mountain to catch your breath, grab a bottled water or some food, or in our case, swill some of Korea’s finest makali. The Moon Blues crew takes every opportunity imaginable to pass around the makali.



Korea 6 Summer 2009 140

Daedunsan Stolen pic - bridge


Makali is an alcoholic Korean rice beverage. It’s a sweet, milky, fermented tasting drink. Some people around here love it. My first few experiences with it were so so. After this trip however, I’m starting to like the stuff.


Thoroughly beat up from the mountain (I actually didn’t make it to the top), we piled back in the car and headed for the Oeam Folk Village in Asan. Internet research reveals that the South Korean government has designated Oeam an official folk village because of the traditional layout, family rituals, worship ceremonies and lineage succession have all be well preserved. I think the same family that started the village in the 1600’s still lives on the premises.






After the folk village we drove to our condo for the night. We ended up with two rooms in a 15 story condo building located between the folk village and our coastal destination in Dangjin the next day. Our accommodations were more than I expected, and a very Korean experience. We had 2 rooms for the 10 people, but my room ended being just me, my lady friend and our friend that invited us on this epic journey. The other room ended up the designated eating and cooking, drinking, music making, smoking, TV watching and all around mayhem ensuing location for the evening, before turning in to the place where the other 7 dudes slept. No beds to be found in these rooms. Each room had two sleeping mats for the floor, a few pillows, two blankets, a fridge, some burners for cooking and most of the kitchen utensils you need for your feasting.

Korea 6 Summer 2009 182

We drank a ton of soju and makali, some beer, feasted like kings, listened to music, jammed on the guitars and improvised percussion instruments consisting of guitar cases, plastic bottles and chopsticks, danced around in construction helmets and gas masks, and finally hit the sack for some decent sleep before the following day’s journey to the Korean coast.

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  1. “oh what a nigh!”

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