Bungeoppang are back!

I noticed them for about a week ate last Spring when I first arrived in Korea. Some street food vendors were selling little fish shaped pastry looking snacks. I always assumed they had some sort of seafood filling, given it’s shape. But they vanished before I had a chance to try one.


This seasonal treat is called Bungeoppang, and now that summer is officially over, they are back. They traditionally contain a sweet red bean filling, although you can also find them filled with sweat potato… and they are delicious. A bit of batter is poured into the mold, then the red bean stuff is dropped in, followed by another pour of batter. Mold sealed, the vendor flips it over, almost like a waffle maker.

My first experience was about 2 weeks ago, where I was happy to purchase 6 for 2,000 as a snack at the end of the night to hold us over until breakfast in the morning. That’s like $1.65 right now. Then, I was walking to work last week, and noticed the first vendor of the season in my neighborhood. I ended up with 8 of these bad boys for 1,000, which I shared with a few people at work.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on September 21, 2009.

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