Moon Blues Road Trip Part 3: Sudeoksa, the beach and heading home

The plan Sunday morning was to leave at 8:00, though we all knew that realistically it would be a bit later. I think we actually departed around 9:30 or so. Cars packed, we headed for Sudeoksa Temple.



Sudeoksa Temple is province of Chungcheongnam-do in the Deoksungsan Mountains. It is one of the few temples in the country not destroyed in the Imjin war (1592-1598). As the head temple for the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, it has played an important role in the history of Korean Buddhism.



Korea 6 Summer 2009 199

I noticed that compared to the other temples I had been to, Daeunjeon, the main building, looked very old. Turns out it was first constructed in 1308, has been designated a national treasure, and is thought to be one of the oldest wooden buildings in the country.

After touring the Temple, we spent a little time looking at the souvenirs and traditional Korean things for sale on the grounds, and ended up picking a restaurant for our lunch. It was an amazing meal. Homemade makali, the best bibimbap I’ve had, and tons of side dishes including the usual variety of kimchi as well as some awesome orange sweet root I’ve never had, acorn jelly and other green vegetables. We also had one of those pancake thingys, no meat in it, just veggies. I love Korean food so much.



Bellies full, we grabbed ice cream for the road and set out for Dangjin, and the first time I’ve seen the coast in over a year. Yes, at home I reside in the coastal state of Oregon, I just hardly ever make it out that direction.

The coast was slammed that weekend. We tried a few different beaches only to be shunned away by the lack of parking. We ended up at a ferry terminal bound for Sonanjido, a little island just off the coast. While waiting for the ferry we saw something out of the ordinary. A car had parked out on a section of the pier that would eventually be swallowed up by the sea as it was rising… and that time was now. Shortly after we saw a police officer, slim jim in hand, sprinting for the endangered vehicle. He was attempting to be the good Samaritan of the day, still frantically jimmying the lock as our ferry floated away.



As our vessel slowly made its way towards Sonanjido we all noticed tons of jelly fish in the water. I don’t remember having ever seen so many jelly fish. Once on Sonanjido, we walked to our own little secluded section of beach and planted roots for the afternoon. The afternoon consisted of swimming in our underwear, skipping rocks, admiring the many jelly fish threatening our swimming area and drinking makali. The sun was just beginning to set as we boarded the ferry back to the mainland.





You are always tired at the end of a trip like this, and having to sit in the back of a crowded sedan isn’t the most appealing, especially when all you want is to shower the sand off your body. Plus the Sunday afternoon/evening traffic SUCKS in Seoul. So it was nice to finally arrive in Ilsan, say goodbye to our gracious hosts for the weekend, shower and crash for the night.

Next, to finish this series I plan on providing a little insight in to our hosts for the weekend, the Moon Blues crew, or as I like to refer to them as… The Sultans of Swing.

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