Chuseok Part 4: Sokcho beach and the trip home

On the last day, our bus back to Seoul didn’t leave until 2pm. This didn’t really give us enough time to rally another mountain trail unless we were up and at em’ early, so we decided to sleep in instead and enjoy a relaxing morning, followed by a few hours at Sokcho beach before jumping on the coach.

Ready to check out, the hotel called a cab for us. Quickly we noticed that he was taking a different route back to the bus terminal than the cab driver took getting us to the hotel. This was cool as far as we were concerned, giving us the opportunity to see more of Sokcho. But as he pulled up to the bus station, we realized that this was not the right place, but a different bus terminal. Thankful that we allowed ourselves plenty of time to get there, we dug our ticket out to show the driver exactly what it said. We needed the Dongbu bus terminal, or express bus terminal, which is what I thought I said, but apparently not. So, assuming that we’re in for a much more hefty cab fare than we expected, we just accepted it and enjoyed the rest of the cab ride, along the coast, to the correct bus station. To our surprise, upon arrival he only accepted the original 10,000 won from us, not the 16,000 that the meter showed after the tour of Sokcho provided from bus terminal to bus terminal. This was quite possibly the nicest cab driver in all of Korea.


We ditched our bags in a locker at the bus terminal and went in search of lunch, settling on a little restaurant a few blocks from the beach. The fresh made, pan fried mandu were awesome, and the donkas were crispy and delicious. We did see a mini, baby green roach on our way out, but oh well.


With some food finally in our stomachs, we set out for Sokcho beach, where we kicked it for a few hours while waiting for our bus.






Our bus ride home was just as smooth as our trip the other direction, considering we were expecting the worst as far as traffic was concerned, and all of the credit goes to our bus driver aboard the Dongbu Express. The first half of the trip not really congested at all, besides a few little slow downs here and there. However, after our rest stop break, we ended up in a stand still on the highway. Then, all of the sudden… DING… the comforting bi-lingual announcement voice came on and the TV screen started to inform us that due to the high volume of traffic, we were taking a detour. We ended up going through Icheon, Suwon, and arrived in Seoul at the Express Bus Terminal ahead of schedule. Yes, ahead of schedule, which seemed impossible considering the ominous warnings we received from co-workers about traveling on Chuseok.

What’s the first thing we did? Dinner at McDonald’s, the same way we started our trip. Seems a little silly after all the delicious Korean food we ate all weekend, but it really, really hit the spot.

One last thing to mention about this trip is all the little mascots. This is the Sokcho city mountain head guy, the Yangyang county sun guy, and the Yangyang mushroom dude. Images of these little mascots are all over everything from street lights, to guard rails and other railings, bus stops, statues, rest rooms, electrical boxes… you name it.




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~ by ripcitytoseoul on October 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Chuseok Part 4: Sokcho beach and the trip home”

  1. D, perhaps an unusual observation, but any reason that the rocks along the beach were consistently kind of a conical shape or the star shape in the foreground? Not sure if you figured it out, but it seemed odd to have lined the retaining wall in that way.

    • We wondered the same thing. In other areas of the beach the man made, concrete star looking rock things were used to create what looked like shipping lanes in the water. Not sure why they would be stacked along the coast though.

  2. This one was my favourite (with a “u” because that’s how us Canadians roll) because Mountain Head finally got some air-time 🙂

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