Lotte World

Lotte World is and indoor/outdoor theme park that is connected with a Lotte Hotel and Lotte Department Store in Seoul. I read somewhere that Lotte World is the Korean recreation center most frequently visited by foreigners. I also read that at one time, it was the biggest indoor theme park. The facility has a sports complex including swimming pool, ice skating rink, bowling alley, gym and a health spa. There is also a movie theater, a folk museum and a monorail that connects the two theme park sections. And, not mentioned on any of the websites I looked at, it has an indoor shooting range. How do I know? One of the girls in our group paid a visit at the end of the day to let out aggression by poppen’ some caps.


Our group arrived early to avoid the inevitable chaos that would consume Lotte World on a Saturday afternoon. We entered from the Jamsil subway station, which seems like it’s directly under the complex. Walking in, I immediately got that Disney, fairy tale, is this music ever gonna stop kinda vibe. It might have been a little annoying, but it never really got that bad.


First off, we went to the outdoor section called Magic Island. We rode the Atlantis roller coaster, which might be my favorite of the day. It’s short, and never gets all that high up in the air, but it’s fast, twisty and turny.



After, we rode the Gyro Swing. The giant circular area where people sit, feet dangling, rotates as it swings back and forth like a pendulum, sending you way high up in the air. It looks scary but it’s actually really relaxing.



After the Gyro Swing we hit up the Gyro Drop, riding it 3 times in a row. Sitting circular again, it takes you 70 meters up (almost 230 feet), spins you around slowly for a really amazing view of Seoul and the surrounding mountains, and then drops you all the way down in like 2 seconds, leaving your stomach in your throat. It was here that we saw the coolest warning sticker of all times. My favorite… not allowed to pregnant


The rest of the outdoor section was so so, except for the ghost house 3D movie, which was the coolest 3D I’ve ever seen. The movie is from the perspective of a cat that walks into a haunted house, running around getting chased by snakes, ghost dogs, owls, mice and freaky dolls missing limbs. Piranhas almost bite you. Venus fly traps try to eat you. And in the end you die.

Satisfied with having beat the lines for the important attractions outside, we spent the rest of the afternoon indoors. The inside section, called Adventure, is a bit visually overwhelming at first. In the center is a pit looking down 2-3 floors to the ice skating rink in the center. The floors between the ice and the theme park have all kinds of shops and restaurants. Scattered all around the top level are various theme park attractions. The ceiling has a balloon ride, providing the bird’s eye view. We rode the monorail around the whole park, the French Revolution roller coaster, Pharaoh’s Fury and the balloon ride.



Later in the afternoon a Halo video game competition was held on the large performance stage, sponsored by xbox 360. It looked like team tattooed forearm whitey against team Korea. I think the competitors even had groupies. The screaming at the top of your lungs commentary on the speaker system was absolutely ridiculous and extremely annoying. Xbox consoles were scattered all over the main floor and xbox girls were available to pose for pictures. Also equipped with girls smiling for the camera was an orange Lamborghini looking car draped in car models. The stacked up photographers, pushing and shoving for that just right special picture was comedy.



When it was time to leave, we couldn’t find the exit. This was actually super frustrating, because we were pretty wiped out and my cold was starting to kick in big time. Turns out it wasn’t hard to find at all, but close to the center of the facility, some steps and an escalator back down into the mall area and subway station. Common sense? Maybe, but it was more fun to joke about having to stay the night inside Lotte World, unable to find the strategically placed exits, confusing foreigners into not being able to escape, forcing them to spend more and more money.

Over 8 million people visit this place a year... this is the only way out

Over 8 million people visit this place a year... this is the only way out

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