Consumer Warning: and RayV

On the chance any other ex-pats stumble across this post… don’t give them any of your money.

RayV is the technology the NBA has selected for their online broadcasts, and it’s worthless.

I paid for the NBA International Premium Package. What is advertised is that you have live and 48 hour On Demand access to all the of the NBA games for the regular season, plus All-Star coverage and 15 classic games immediately available.

The season is only 2 days old, and %19 of the games are unavailable to view On Demand because of encoding issues. And of the 81% of the games that they say are available on the website, a good number are not once you click on them. And there are no classic games to watch, which I actually would because all of the real games I’m trying to watch are unavailable.

I’ve spent hours upon hours with their live chat tech support, which has been a complete waste of time. Their responses are cryptic, short, and provide you with zero information. Both RayV and the NBA do not respond to emails. Basically, you’re screwed if you buy the online package.

And finally, their solution to the problem… after I didn’t disconnect my chat function and let it sit idle for an hour… ask for a refund. I WANNA WATCH MY TRAIL BLAZERS! Just make the technology work as advertised!

Save yourself the headache and don’t even bother.

You are now chatting with ‘support’

support: Hello. How may I assist you?

Dustin: I am still unable to watch the Portland/Houston game On Demand, the initial 48 hours is up very soon. Why did I pay all this money if I can’t watch opening night? What can you all do about this? Thanks.

support: The games HOU @ GSW and PHX @ LAC had encoding errors and are unavailable,

support: Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dustin: I’m talking about Houston at Portland, on Tuesday night.

Dustin: Why am I paying money to watch what you advertise as all the games, if this is not true? What can you all do about this? It’s extremely frustrating.

support: Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dustin: Seriously, 19% of your games are unavailable. I paid $150 for them to all be available as was advertised. What can you do about this? Please answer me.

(15 minutes goes by)

Dustin: Help!? Please don’t ignore me. If you can’t help me, please let me know who I can talk to. Thanks.

support: you can send an e mail

Dustin: TO WHO

(Another 10 minutes goes by)

Dustin: please help me

support: to

Dustin: it doesn’t work, I’ve sent two

support: you can try on the

Dustin: where?

(waiting for 10 minutes)


Dustin: So the games that are not showing, are never showing up?

support: we don know yet

(after literally an hour of me not disconnecting the chat function)

support: Dear Dustin, we are very sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately right now we can not upload other version of the replay. You can forward your authentication email (the email you have received in the subscription process) with your refund request to , it is very important to describe the reason for the request.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on October 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “Consumer Warning: and RayV”

  1. The NBA needs to really examine the technology partners they choose to do business with. I ordered a jersey a few years ago, and was charged, but the jersey was on back order. I kept getting told it would be sent in two weeks. After two months of that, I called up and they had no record of my purchase. They said they had switched contracts with the company who manages there sales, and didn’t have previous sales history (apparently the company they were under contract with at the time was the previous company). I sent in proof of purchase, and followed up for two months, only to be told they don’t have record, so can’t send out my purchase or refund my money. It was awful, and I was out 70.00, not too mention dozens of hours wasted dealing with them.

    I love the NBA, but that is very, very frustrating. I have a hard time believing the NFL would do that.

  2. For sure man! I got to watch 1/2 of the Portland vs. Denver game yesterday, live because On Demand doesn’t work… and then it crapped out, got all fuzzy and blotchy… so the live broadcast doesn’t even work. I got taken big time. The NBA needs to re-evaluate. The NFL runs a tight operation. The NBA is sloppy.

  3. I’m frequently looking for brandnew articles in the world wide web about this topic. Thx!

  4. Authentic words, some truthful words man. Thanks for makin my day!!

  5. Hey man, I’m glad you put this up – it’s the absolute truth -the sad thing is that I hear the NFL online version is leaps and bounds better – can’t understand why the NBA is stuck to this little company in israel for the ILP – the US version seems to work with no issues

    • Thank you.

      In all fairness, everything has been working just fine lately. It may take a while for the games to get loaded in order to view them On Demand, but I have been able to view the games.

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