Halloween in Hae Bang Chon

As I mentioned previously, Koreans don’t really celebrate Halloween. But because of the foreign population in the country, there were several events going on across Seoul, mostly in areas with a heavy flow of Westerner traffic. A small group of us decided to spend Halloween in Hae Bang Chon, a cool little neighborhood close to Itaewon, in the shadows of Namsan/Seoul Tower. Head down the hill from Noksapyeong station towards Namsan tunnel 3, and hang a left at the giant wall of kimchi pots.

Hae Bang Chon is host to the HBC Festival a couple of times of year, offering live music at several bars and restaurants scattered along on the main drag. The organizer runs a small music store in HBC, and plays in a few bands around town. He claims that the festival is one of the largest foreign run festivals in South Korea. Music started early, around 2pm, and the last performance at most locations was around 10pm or 11pm, however I think there were a couple late performances starting at 12am or 12:30am. Two bars just up the hill in Itaewon participated as well.

Beyond the few pretentious Koreans, on their pedestal looking down upon the Westerners having a good time, I can see how this festival could be pretty fun, even if everyone wasn’t running around in costumes. And truthfully, the way some guests to Korea act, they may deserve to be looked down upon.

Some of the costumes were pretty funny. We saw Duff Beer guy, and later 3 different Duff Beer girls. There was the usual vampire, Spider Man, skeleton, sexy witch and sexy nun. Some were dressed as Mexican locs out of East L.A., and some as giant squid. Hats off to Gene Simmons, Macy Gray and Janis Joplin. My favorite…. bacon and eggs.




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~ by ripcitytoseoul on November 5, 2009.

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