5 reasons living overseas is awesome

Aclipse, the recruiting company that helped me with my teaching job here in South Korea, is asking bloggers to write about 5 reasons we like living overseas. My reasons for currently living abroad seem infinite, and picking 5 is a bit difficult. I did however narrow it down, and decided what better way to highlight my life overseas than to link back some of the topics I have already written about.

Working with kids
Traveling in Korea
Getting to know Seoul
I met my girl

Working with kids
Once upon a time I thought I would grow up to be a teacher, even spending a term in the college of education at OSU. After my University experience I ended up working as a recruiting and human resources professional for several years, most recently for a national civil and environmental engineering firm. I lost my job as a result of the economic disaster back home, and with all the freedom in the world to do anything I wanted, and a passion for traveling, I decided it was the perfect time to give teaching a shot in South Korea. From impressing the youth of Korea with my mosquito hunting abilities, to celebrating Korean and Western holidays, to enjoying food, to blowing up computers… to follow is a selection of entries written about working with kids in Korea.

Die Mosquito
Halloween at the hagwon
Dust in the Wind
It’s Lunch Time
And Boom Goes the… computer
Teacher Dustin’s Kids
Rock Scissor Paper

Traveling in Korea
Getting out of the big dirty city and enjoying the Korean countryside has offered an awesome perspective on Korean culture and cuisine. The short time that I have been here has provided the opportunity travel quite a bit within the country. Some trips have been just me and my girlfriend, and others with a group both Koreans and other foreigners. To follow are the links for the Chuseok trip my girlfriend and I took to Seoraksan National Park, and to the road trip we took through the mountains and the coast hosted by the 4 owners of the Moon Blues bar in Guri.

Chuseok part 1
Chuseok part 2
Chuseok part 3
Chuseok part 4

Moon Blues Road Trip part 1
Moon Blues Road Trip part 2
Moon Blues Road Trip part 3
Moon Blues Road Trip part 4

From Korean food, to interesting takes on Western cuisine, to the awesome street food found all over this country, to follow are some of my favorite eating experiences in Korea.

Kraze Burgers

Restaurant Signs
Tomatillo Grill
Butterfinger Pancakes
Dried Squid
Sweet sweet Choco Pie
Shrimp Burger Thunderstorm
Burly Corndog

Getting to know Seoul
Seoul is an amazing city offering anything and everything you want to do. It’s a rewarding feeling to know your way around, where you want to go, and have few problems navigating subways, buses and giving directions in a cab. I have enjoyed visiting amusement parks, temples, giant shopping centers, palaces, hiking mountains, river cruises, fish markets, sporting events and many, many more things. And the hit list of places I still want to accomplish is endless.

Lotte World
Cheonggye Stream
Sights at Night
Seoul Tower
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Back to the Fish Market
Scooter Rally and Korean Movie Theaters
Noryangjin Fish Market
Korean Baseball is a Trip
Bosingak, Insadong and No Baseball for You
Mt. Umyeonsan, Daesongsa Temple and the Seoul Arts Center

I met my girl
You typically won’t find much personal information on my blog. It began as a place to show friends and family back home the fun things I’ve been up to. But since then, it has also grown in to a place for learning about teaching, and finding things to do in South Korea, for other fellow ex-pats as well as foreigners doing research in preparation for packing up their life and moving to South Korea.

That said, no list of reasons I love living overseas would be complete without making mention of my girlfriend. I expected to move here, spend a lot of time on my own and work a ton. I wanted to learn more about myself, but thought I would do so through the seclusion and escape from everyday life and obligations back home that living in Korea provides. What happened instead, was finding an amazing woman, who helps me learn about myself through experiencing the rewarding challenges that a relationship overseas can provide. Seeing the country, and soon other destinations in Asia, is so much fun to do with a partner in crime, and I can’t imagine my life right now without her.


If anyone reads this and is interested in a life teaching overseas, Aclipse is a good place to start. To follow is their website, as well as their own social networking community. They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter, although I don’t speak tweet.

The Aclipse Website
The Aclipse Social Networking Website
Aclipse on Facebook
Aclipse on Twitter

Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com


~ by ripcitytoseoul on November 19, 2009.

15 Responses to “5 reasons living overseas is awesome”

  1. Butterfinger pancakes AND a cute girl. Life has got to be good for you! 🙂


  2. OMMgggooshh…I soo want to vissit korea…!!! XXXD

  3. I cannot imagine living in the Orient, but when I have lived overseas (several times, at different ages and for different reasons), it has always been an extraordinary experience. You are never the same. Interacting within the openness (and confines) of other cultural norms, another language (or more than one), and being welcomed into homes very different from those in which we grew up – these are life-altering moments. And we take lessons from them that we carry into everything. For the better.

  4. Awesome!!

    This reminded me of my time overseas.. I grew up in Tokyo, Japan and in Shanghai, China for 4 years each.. I loved my time there even during the holidays..

    btw.. Korean food is the BOOOOOOMB!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    check out some of my music…


  5. my dream is to teach English in Spain! I will definitely look into Aclipse

  6. I commend you for helping evolution to re-distribute the people of Earth. The time has come. My best to you.

  7. Dustin this is a wonderful blog. I especially like the last line 🙂

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  9. Dear Author ripcitytoseoul.wordpress.com !
    Bravo, what excellent message

  10. i love all the pictures u take.
    and the foods look delicious 😀

  11. […] teaching job in Korea, Aclipse Recruiting, likes having creative contests. A few months ago I wrote 5 reasons living overseas is awesome for their blog contest. Their newest competition is asking for a video describing why living […]

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