Walk this way

It appears that Seoul Metro is taking steps to change what is for me one of the most puzzling things about living in Korea. Everyone walks on the left instead of the right. Yes, they drive on the right, like we do in America, but pedestrian traffic is the opposite. The escalator going in the direction you need to go will be found on the left. Good luck trying to walk on the right side of a busy staircase. I’ve asked around and nobody has been able to provide me with a reason for why this is, beyond that it’s just how they do it.

Recently I have noticed some changes while walking underground. The following photo is of posters that can be seen all over. It instructs its readers to walk on the right. There are also new signs along the walls of staircases, as well as on the stairs themselves, using arrows to show which direction you should be walking. There are even big arrows on the floor, in front of the staircases showing you which side to walk on. I haven’t noticed a big impact on behavior, and I’m anticipating it taking a long time for people to catch on.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on December 5, 2009.

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