Gop Chang

Every so often a Korean co-worker and I like to grab dinner at the end of the day. He usually wants to dine on Western food, but I usually win out by suggesting he expose me to some Korean food that I haven’t tried yet. The conversation usually entails a series of, “can you eat this…?” questions, to which my response is always yes, even if I have no idea what he is referring to.

This night, he was referring to gop chang, which is intestines. I’m not sure if we ate beef or pork gop chang, and I guess it really doesn’t matter. It sounds awful, and I wouldn’t recommend it for someone afraid of super chewy textures ( it is a function organ after all) but I thought it was delicious, and I would totally go back for more.

In true Korean fashion, you cook the meal yourself in the middle of your table, however when it shows up the cooking process has already started, you just end up finishing it off. Two varieties of meat were on the grill. One looked very intestiny, the other not so much. Joining the gop chang on the grill was sweet potato, green onion, white onion and duk bokki.

The side dishes were new as well. Included was the usual kimchi as well as chopped leek in spicy red sauce. But, we were also served a plate of what looked like, and I’m not positive about this but I’m pretty sure…. chopped stomach lining and raw liver. I used to watch a lot of travel channel, including No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain and Strange Foods with Andrew Zimmern, and I’m pretty sure it was stomach. My buddy wasn’t sure what it was, and he was surprised that I didn’t flinch at dipping the nobby stomach lining looking thing in the sesame oil and slamming it down. I didn’t try the dark, dark red raw liver looking stuff because my buddy said, “I wouldn’t eat that if I was you. It’s not so good. I don’t want you to ruin your appetite for the dinner.”

Following the main dish, we had an awesome fried rice. I think it was veggie, I don’t remember any meat it, and it was topped with my favorite salty gim, or seaweed.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on December 19, 2009.

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  1. I just threw up a little. You’re a champ!!!

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