Bearded Teacher Drawings

It’s time for more student drawings. This time, it’s gonna be recent rendition of my facial hair. Most of them feature the accurate portrayal of the pen/pencil that’s always behind my ear, and variations of my facial hair.

According to the following picture, apparently I have hoop ear rings?… not sure where that came from

This student thinks I look like a gorilla…

This is one of my favorites. Not the full beard, but notice the Trail Blazers logo on my polo.

And I’m not sure what to think about this

~ by ripcitytoseoul on December 22, 2009.

5 Responses to “Bearded Teacher Drawings”

  1. The first one looks like your in a boy band.

  2. Bahahaha okay George Michael!!!! I love the hair on your arms 🙂

  3. Those pictures are great! The last one has your entire face covered in hair! Funny!

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  5. […] Round 2 found here […]

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