Is Greg Oden really naked?

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I woke up just now, grabbed my Korean wheat flake cereal and fired up the computer. I started my usual ritual of checking hotmail, gmail, facebook, then moving on to for the latest Blazer news, all while streaming the Bald Faced Truth with John Canzano live from Portland, Oregon on 95.5 The Game online. It’s almost 11:00am on a Wednesday in Seoul, South Korea. It’s almost 6:00pm on a Tuesday in Portland.

Holy smokes, what are they talking about right now, as I’m writing this? Apparently some pretty revealing photos of Greg Oden have surfaced. A little ashamed, I did a google search and immediately found the pictures.

All I can say is… damn dude, G.O. is sexy. Is that really a naked Greg Oden? Sure looks like it.

This is certainly going to stir up all kinds of discussion, positive and negative, in Portland and around the country. What was he thinking? How could he be so careless? What kind of person would allow these pics go public? Who is he sharing this kind of stuff with? Are we going back to the Jail Blazer era? Is Oden not the nice guy we all thought he was?

I don’t think it’s that big a deal. Would I have done that? Uh, that’s a negative. But, I’m also quite a bit older than Greg Oden. His generation seems to define themselves with their cell phones. You’ve certainly heard of the sexting (sexy text messaging) phenomenon that is getting all kinds of younger folks in trouble with their parents as well as the education system. It doesn’t mean that it’s OK or a good idea to act this way, it just means that we should understand how different generations of people act in social situations and express and define themselves.

And as I’m writing this, Greg Oden is now speaking live on the Bald Faced Truth. From his mouth, he had a relationship with a lady in the past, the photos were taken over a year ago and it is all surfacing just now. He’s apologizing to the organization and owner Paul Allen. He feels that he’s grown up so much since then, and he has definitely learned that everything you do in the past can creep up and bite your naked behind in the future.

Here is the audio

Being a life long Blazermaniac, I’m glad I was able hear him speak publicly on this issue for the first time… from Korea of all places. Stupid decision my man, to share those kinds of photos with obviously the wrong person, or for all we know, persons. But let’s all move on and get over it. The Trail Blazers have a chance to do some really amazing things this season, and the next few seasons when everyone comes back from these injury plaguing times.

With that behind us, let’s laugh and crack the Oden jokes. Damn, he’s sexy a man. I appreciate Greg owning up to everything. Very BIG of him to do so.

Dear Greg,

Learn from your mistakes and the fans will love and appreciate you just the same, if not more.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on January 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Is Greg Oden really naked?”

  1. And I thought sexting was just popular with jr, high kids…

  2. […] season. We’ve watched our team endure the worst curse of injury voodoo I’ve ever seen, naked pictures on the internet, shouting matches gone public, 52 point scoring dominance, changes to the starting lineup… […]

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