Why Living in Korea Rocks Videos

The recruiting company that helped me with my teaching job in Korea, Aclipse Recruiting, likes having creative contests. A few months ago I wrote 5 reasons living overseas is awesome for their blog contest. Their newest competition is asking for a video describing why living overseas rocks.

From their website:

Living overseas and teaching English? Awesome! Send us a video describing in 6 minutes or less why LIVING OVERSEAS ROCKS by February 19th! Create a montage with previously shot footage, include your favorite song, or make it up from scratch. Send us whatever you like as long as your video demonstrates why it rocks to live overseas!

1st place: Amazon Kindle OR Rosetta Stone (you choose!)
2nd place: 100 bucks to spend on Amazon
3rd Place: 50 bucks to spend on iTunes

Here is my video

It’s the best I could do with what videos I have. I used my flip video camera a lot when I first moved to Asia. Lately however, II mainly use my digital camera, and rarely use the video function. I put a lot of those old videos on youtube, mostly so I could embed them on this blog. Unfortunately, I must have deleted the majority after uploading them online because they can’t be found anywhere. So, because I couldn’t include the footage in my Why Living in Korea Rocks video, I’ll embed them below.

To follow are some more reasons Why Living in Korea Rocks:

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on February 8, 2010.

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