My friend’s 1:06

You can experience the following story yourself by watching the videos at the bottom

The timing was just right. It was rainy February 1999, college basketball season my senior year at Oregon State University. Moses Olson had just quit the team and coach Payne needed another body for practice. Scotty, a good friend of mine, and Corvallis native, could flat out ball. So the story goes, he called coach Payne and asked for a shot. He tried out for the Beaver basketball team as a walk on, made it, and got that shot at being a member of a Pac-10 college basketball squad.

I went to every Beaver basketball game. This was the same season I watched the Beavs take down both Arizona and Stanford at home on Ralph Miller court. But what happened on February 13th, 1999 against Washington State was one of my fondest college memories.

The Beavs were beating the Cougs by 20 with a little over a minute left in the game. In a scene straight out of the movie Rudy, the crowd starts chanting, “Scotty. Scotty.” Coach Payne must have been a fan of the movie as well, because before you know it, my boy is actually in the ball game with a shot at creating his Pac-10 conference college basketball stats.

His first shot attempt, a 3 pointer, is blocked, but it doesn’t dampen his spirits. He’s running the court. He’s diving for loose balls. He’s boxing out on rebounds. And he gets one more chance at that tre before the conclusion of the game… and he drills it. Ralph Miller Court explodes.

Watching these videos 11 years later almost brings a tear to my eye. It’s nostalgic being able experience that excitement again. The Fox Sports announcers are cheering him on, telling his story and showing genuine emotion during what had to have been a lifetime highlight for my buddy.

Experience it for yourself…


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