Beware! Mr. Kebab in Itaewon

Let me start this by saying that the few times I’ve eaten there, Mr. Kebab in Itaewon has tasted pretty good. It has always been during or after a night out on the town, and I considered it a decent place to grab a cheap bite while taking in the shady Itaewon night life. But after my last visit, there is no way I will be stepping foot in there again. Take your butt down the street to Ankara Picnic. It tastes better and from what I have seen with my own eyes, it’s safer.

My girlfriend and I stopped at Mr. Kebab for a quick bite after some late afternoon shopping in Itaewon. She had never eaten there before and I wanted to try the jumbo kebab, which is served on a baguette. However, what we saw ruined any chance of ever spending money in there again.

The lamb was rotating on the spit, but the chicken was missing. All that remained was some previously carved chicken, piled deep in the catching bin below. I don’t mind the lamb, but my girl prefers the chicken. While questioning whether she wanted to ingest the chicken that looked like it had been sitting there for a while, we witnessed a big no no in land of restaurant hygiene and sanitation. A fresh spit of marinated chicken was brought out from the back in a giant, green plastic bag. It was bad enough that the mega stack of raw chicken was dripping all over the dude who brought it out as well as leaving a trail of chicken juice on the floor. But when it was placed in the machine to begin the spinning, roasting process, the raw chicken juice began to coat the previously carved chicken that filled the bin below.

That was all we had to see. Without communicating in any way, instinct took over and both of us bolted as far away from that scene as possible. Once outside, swiftly walking in the direction of the tastier Ankara Picnic, we laughed and thanked God that we saw that disaster before deciding to order anything at Mr. Kebab that day. One drop of raw chicken juice can cause a lot of internal damage and leave you feeling horrible.

So it goes without saying that I won’t be ordering food there again. I’m sure this sort of thing goes on at a lot of restaurants, not just Mr. Kebab. But it makes all the difference in the world that it was done directly in front of two customers, just before they were going to order their meal. Leaves me wondering what’s going on when no customers are around.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on March 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “Beware! Mr. Kebab in Itaewon”

  1. sounds scrumptious D

  2. I love this place , taste is better than others. What should they do if they sell the kebabs faster and add a new one to the line.

    • What they should do is remove the kebab chicken that they plan on serving, before placing the new raw chicken on the machine, so that it doesn’t drip all over.

  3. I think its time to change this blog because , this event happened when mr.kebab new opened 3 years ago..
    And things changed a lot there

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