10 Magazine Korea Awaits Video Contest

From the 10 Magazine website:

As a foreigner in Korea have you ever found yourself criticizing Korea’s publicity efforts? Let’s face it, most of the promotional materials have been made by Koreans, and hence appeal more to Koreans. Well here’s your chance to show the world what awaits them in Korea from a foreigner’s perspective!

Similar to the vote for your favorite English Korea Blog competition back in April, where Rip City to Seoul placed #7, the discussion in the comments section leading up to this competition was rather lengthy. For this I’m grateful, as it revealed more clarification and direction as to what it will take to place in the top 10.

The final panel of judges are looking for a video, showing non-Koreans both here and abroad what we enjoy about living here in Korea. The videos are not specifically “for the entertainment of our fellow residents in Korea” but we certainly would like it if they found the videos entertaining as well! Also stressed in this discussion was only using media that you have created or have the rights to use.

Rather than using humor appealing to waegooks already here, or focusing on things only someone living in Korea would understand, I took a simple approach with the goal of appealing to someone back home. I only used my own media, photos and videos that I have collected in over a year living here, showing highlights of all the amazing things that I have been able to do and see in Korea. And unlike a lot of the others, I chose to keep myself out of it, opting instead to let the images of Korea speak for themselves.

In addition to only using my own photos and videos, I gained authorization for the use of the music. I’m a huge fan of Max Tannone and his work on Jaydiohead, Doublecheck Your Head and Mos Dub. I emailed him about using Travellin’ Underground and he said go for it.

Here is the video:

Online voting will determine the top 10 videos, and the final panel will determine their final placement. So get over to 10 magazine online and vote for whoever you think made a quality entry that meets the above mentioned qualifications.


I’m #4 on the list.

Happy voting.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on June 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “10 Magazine Korea Awaits Video Contest”

  1. You said, “opting instead to let the images of Korea speak for themselves.”

    When it comes to people who know nothing about Korea, though, I don’t think the images can speak for themselves. How is someone who knows nothing about Korea supposed to differentiate those images from China, Japan, or other Southeast Asian countries?

    “Show, don’t tell” only works for literature and film that the audience has already chosen to engage themselves in. However, a tourism video about Korea has to appeal to those who do not have a vested or active interest in Korea, or else they would already been researching the country or have chosen to visit.

    Just my two cents.

  2. One other thing. If the contest was supposed to be personal, i.e. what about Korea do you recommend to others, letting images speak for themselves isn’t very personal. Granted, you visited those places and decided which images to put in the video, but someone watching the video isn’t going to spend time trying to guess what about each image is personal to you. “Show, don’t tell” is what lets the audience connect to the material, but not to the author (for novels, it effectively pushes the author to the background and lets the characters and actions take the forefront), and in this case, I think you would have benefited from having a greater sense of authorship in the presentation.

    • Thanks for offering your opinion. It’s mine that you might be reading in to this a little too much.

      I chose stay out of my entry. Something with me all up in it like P. Diddy ambushing a Biggie video wasn’t what I was interested in making at the time. In doing so, the images do the speaking, not my pretty face.

      The beauty of this contest was that the guidelines were brief. As I recall, the direction was…

      to show the world what awaits them in Korea from a foreigner’s perspective

      So the creator was allowed to interpret that how they saw fit, including how personal to make it.

      I’m certainly not in the position to say what a tourism video on Korea has to have, or does not have to have. But I have a hard time believing that a lot of people with zero vested or active interest in visiting Korea, or Asia, are going to come across a 10 Magazine tourism video. Seems to me most people watching something like that are doing some research because it’s something they are considering. Just because you are considering something like this, doesn’t mean you are going to go through with it, and that’s the kind of person a lot of the entries in this contest will appeal to.

      That’s mine, and you are certainly entitled to your interpretation as well.

      Thanks for the suggestions, it’s obvious there are many things I could have done to make a better video, perhaps a greater sense of authorship is one of them.

      My two cents, thanks for taking the time to write.

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