Results! 10 Magazine Video Contest

The 10 Magazine Korea Awaits Video contest has come and gone. 42 videos were submitted. Readers of the online magazine selected the top 10. And the judging panel has placed the top 10 in their final order.

Mid last week I received an email from 10 Magazine asking me verify the rights to use the photos, videos and music in my entry to the contest. Shortly after I confirmed, another email showed up inviting me to the awards ceremony on Saturday, June 12th, announcing that the readers of the magazine voted me in to the top 10.

My girlfriend and I had a great time at the awards ceremony. Villa Sortino in Itaewon was an excellent choice to host the event. The decor was classy and hors d’oeuvres delicious. The 10 Magazine staff were friendly and excited meet the contestants. And it was fun to put a face to the name of the other contestants, some coming from as far away as Busan and Jeju Island.

The long list of prizes was impressive. The top entry was lucky enough to walk away with hotel and air to Tokyo, and the next two entries overnight stays in Busan and Seoul. The remaining awards consisted of things like dining certificates at places like On the Border, TGI Fridays and Bulgogi Brothers, as well as tickets to the Korean musical Miso.

Many thanks to Max Tannone of Jaydiohead and Mosdub fame for granting permission to use his music, and to the final judging panel of Korean tourism experts:

Samuel Koo, CEO of the Seoul Tourism Organization
David Spence, Regional Manager for Delta Air Lines
Alan Timblick, Head of the Seoul Global Center
Eric Swanson, General Manager of the Millenium Seoul Hilton

Starting with 42 videos, I am very happy to have placed #8. My girlfriend and I went home with dining certificates to On the Border (where we had our first date almost a year ago) and Cafe Bene. We also received two tickets to the Korean musical Miso.

Here is 10 magazine’s announcement of the final 10.
Here is some press the contest received in JoongAng Daily

Placing #7 in the April Reader’s poll for your favorite English blog, and now placing #8 in the Korea Awaits Video Contest… thanks 10 Magazine, for the opportunity to showcase some creativity in Korea.

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~ by ripcitytoseoul on June 14, 2010.

One Response to “Results! 10 Magazine Video Contest”

  1. Congrats D, way to represent P-Town! and to any of the other contestants who may read your blog, congrats to them also!

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