Taco Bell in Itaewon is very real

Leading up to the opening of Taco Bell in Seoul, I previously wrote about the personal significance of this monumental occasion by sharing some fond memories here.

Well, the time has come. Taco Bell in Itaewon is very real, putting an end to a year and a half of a Taco Bell free life style.

On a trip to Itaewon last weekend, my girl and I parted ways as she went in search Arabic food and a book, leaving me alone with Taco Bell. Rounding the corner from the Cold Stone, I was greeted with a line out the door… and that smell. The old familiar Taco Bell aroma that has now taken over that particular intersection in Itaewon.

In line, expats were sharing predictions and hopes of what would be available to eat. Thankfully the line was speedy and within 5 minutes, I was up close and personal with the menu (pictures below). No Mexican pizza? OK. I’ll do just fine with a bean burrito, crunchy taco and a steak deluxe soft taco. And it’s Taco Bell, I’m washing it down with a Mountain Dew. Oh! It’s only shooting clear soda water. Oh! No ice in the machine? This is definitely a Korean Taco Bell.

Mouth watering, I waited for my number to be called along side the expats continuing the “if only” discussion among themselves.

“If only they Baja Blast Mountain Dew.”

“If only I could be high, and eat Taco Bell in Korea.”

Number 120! That’s my food. What’s this? Self service hot sauce packets. You are letting me grab my own hot sauce packets. I don’t have to ask for more, and then ask for more again when you only give me one additional packet with each request? Very un-Korea.

I’m happy to report that the food tasted just as I had remembered. And as usual, I burped it up all afternoon.

Thank you Taco Bell, for bringing a smile to the expats of Seoul.

~ by ripcitytoseoul on July 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “Taco Bell in Itaewon is very real”

  1. My wife sent me out to pick up some Taco Bell tacos last Monday night. I took one look at the line and decided it wasn’t worth it. I ended up buying some halal beef, taco seasonings, tortillas and tomatoes up at the “foreigner grocery store.” It took me an hour to get home and put everything together, but I think this is a better way to get the authentic experience, but to each his own. I suspect we will be visiting taco bell once the enthusiasm dies down.

  2. Taco Bell is one of those very American places that’s hard to explain to others. My Korean friends are insanely confused why, after saying the food wasn’t all that good, I’m so excited to go. My Korean American friend and I are meeting tomorrow to go – he did the super-solemn pinky-swear that he would *not* go before I had a chance to meet him. I’m excited to see by your pictures that there *are* grilled stuft burritos. I might’ve cried a bit on the inside if those were absent from the menu..

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