Mud Fest with the Space Boys Part 1: The Truths

Space Boys performed at the legendary Boryeong Mud Festival last Saturday. Only their sixth show to date, their infectious rhymes that you can’t shake out of your mind and animated on-stage presence are quickly contributing to a growing following of dedicated fans.

A Space Boys show is an entertaining spectacle of well written songs showcasing unique lyrics and far out subject matter. Village is a thinker, deep in thought, shooting you straight by telling you like it is. With Boat Music, everyday is Christmas. Constantly smiling, each performance is the most fun he’s ever had. And Jesus Jones does his best to give the crowd what they want by analyzing the situation offstage, and adapting to it in an attempt to manage the overall vibe of what’s happening on-stage. The result is the perfect party, good times atmosphere, enhanced by robot dancing and spoken digital reenactments, that is poised to take Korea by storm.

I was fortunate enough to spend a significant amount of time, from the moment the show ended to the wee hours of the morning, with all three Space Boys. Looking back on the experience, there are tidbits of information I would consider fact. Particularly in the beginning of the evening, undeniable truths regarding events that can easily be recalled. But as the night progressed, the Space Boys took my girlfriend and I on an interplanetary trip, best described as a beach festival night of galactic proportions that could only have happened in Korea. During this trip, deciphering fact from fiction is a bit more difficult.

Let’s begin with the facts. The show was scheduled for a 5:00 pm start. Pinnacle & The Antidote had the crowd in a frenzy. Rightfully so, the set was allowed to go long. But before the Space Boys were given permission to take the stage, the festival staff decided for a spontaneous interlude of booming K-dance music and sloppy booty shaking under the water and mud hoses located to the right of stage. Once the interlude ceased, Pinnacle & The Antidote strangely came back on for two more songs. Finally, showing zero sign of annoyance for the extreme delays, Space Boys were allowed to make their Mud Fest debut.

They opened with Conference, a song letting you in on their plans to strap a plasma propulsion engine to a gigantic wood Native American Indian in search of diamonds on the planet Neptune. Followed by crowd favorite Super Computer, it didn’t take long for a handful of fans to decide it was a good idea to join them onstage. And then more fans. And then more fans. Skillfully reciting lyrics, weaving through the drunken fans and the lack of stage management provided by the festival, Space Boys did their best to ignore the distractions and rip through their set list, for a few more songs at least.

It could have been the on-stage alcohol consumption. Possibly the bum rush of enthusiastic fans, essentially taking over the performance area. Perhaps the belligerent dude that decided to sit at the drum kit left behind following the Pinnacle & The Antidote show. Whatever the reasons, only 4 songs deep, the festival staff shut the show down. They chased Boat Music as he refused to give up the mic, running in circles, mocking the cheesy festival theme music that had replaced their efforts. Beer bottles and cans flew on and off the stage. A top was yanked off a female who had joined in the debauchery. It had turned in to a circus.

As they came down off the stage, we jumped in their circle of friends to participate in the beer and soju enhanced discussion about what just happened. Disappointment was prevalent, but absent was bitterness. I perceived this moment as a quick attempt to comprehend what just went down, and file it away for later use as a learning experience.

It’s a bummer for sure the show was cut short because they were killing it amidst the shit show that was allowed to take over. But the crowd was picking up what they were setting down. They could definitely have worse problems than fans wanting to get on the stage to share in their enthusiasm.

Crowd control was an issue. Before Space Boys went on, a few spectators tried joining Pinnacle. His response was to nip it real quick, forcing an exit by showing them to the stairs before anything got out of hand. Pinnacle has an awesome command of the stage that his show benefits from. You can’t fault him for not wanting to share his performance space.

Space Boys on the other hand, are the kind of guys who want to share their fun with everyone. The few occasions I’ve been fortunate enough to hang out with members of the Space Boys, it’s clear the kind of people they are. Boat Music approached me after the Speakeasy Pursuit of Happiness show at Club Ta to say thanks because he saw us having a good time. Before he knew she was the girlfriend of the guy that had contacted them to write a piece on his blog about their Mud Fest performance, Village said he recognized her from the Speakeasy show and offered a thanks for coming out again. And even though he was a bit disappointed the set was cut short, Jesus Jones suggested we tag along for dinner, get to know them a little better and take on Daecheon Beach in search of a good time.

They don’t need friends, it’s apparent they have plenty. They are just appreciative of the people that have come out to see them. Maybe as their live performance experience accumulates, they will choose to end an on stage bum rush of drunk fanatics before it becomes a problem. But maybe not. That’s what bouncers and crowd control are for, right? Doing it yourself is probably not all that enjoyable.

That’s really what Space Boys are all about. Having a good time and sharing it with everyone around them. This was revealed to me over and over throughout the night. We heard epic stories of past escapades back home. They gave us a glimpse in to the inspiration behind the upcoming album titled Diamonds on Neptune. And they showered the people that helped them get to where they are with admiration and gratitude.

In part 2, Fact or Fiction?, I try to recall what happened when Jesus Jones, Village and Boat Music blasted off in to the Daecheon Beach Mud Fest nightlife, taking me and my girlfriend along for the ride.

To hold you over, here’s one of my favorites. Super Computer, speak to me!

Mud Fest with the Space Boys Part 2: Fact of Fiction?


~ by ripcitytoseoul on July 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “Mud Fest with the Space Boys Part 1: The Truths”

  1. Super Computer is my jam!!!!

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  3. space boys are obviously the most talented group the universe has ever seen

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