Mud Fest with the Space Boys Part 2: Fact or Fiction?

Mud Fest with the Space Boys Part1: The Truths

You plan on getting to Neptune how? Why is he talking about making Spanish films? What does this have to do with buku money? Just how does he remind you of Magwai? Who was Mercutio? Wait, your friend died doing what? Where is Boat Music and why is his jacket on the side of the road? Jesus Jones can clone a sloth in a lab? Village knows the ins and outs of the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement? Boat Music survived a 3 story fall unscathed?

Looking back on my night with the Space Boys, distinguishing fact from fiction is a challenge.

Buzzed up and confused about the avoidable perfect storm of circumstances that preceded their Mud Fest set getting cut short, Space Boys grabbed me and my girl and blasted off in to the Daecheon Beach boardwalk in search of Korean barbecue and the opportunity to get to know each other a little better. As the beer and soju bottles piled up, so did the hilarious obscurity of the conversation. To follow is my best choppy recollection of what I learned, and what may have, or may not have actually happened that night.

History runs deep

Boat Music and Village have known each other since grade school. Jesus Jones followed shortly after. The relationship is self described as “attached at the hip.” They laugh at each other’s jokes. Finish each other’s sentences. And they know how to order for each other at a group meal. Boat Music likes a dish of rice with his galbi.

Even a fender bender in the high school parking lot couldn’t split them up forever. Jesus Jones recalls Boat Music was, “driving down the road with the sun in his eyes, late for class… again, and crashed into my parked car.” Boat Music’s retort, “It was parked in the middle of the fucking road!”

Parked within in the painted lines or not, the incident led to a misunderstanding over the use of insurance between two fathers who worked at the mill together. The result was a collegiate experience void of each other’s company.

“I never held anything against you”
“No, no. I didn’t either. But we just really didn’t get together. And we did stop hanging out”

After reminiscing how their union later mended at a friend’s house party, as a way of confirming that the relationship had healed, Boat Music declared, “And we made epic Spanish fucking films together”, getting a huge laugh from everyone in the general vicinity. Contributions to Spanish cinema aside, we should all be grateful they buried the hatchet.

Home grown beats and rhymes

They hail from the great state of Maine. Nearly everyone contributing to the album in progress also comes from the area. And it didn’t take long to learn that these guys are more than appreciative of the talent back home.

Entricut, part of the hip hop group Natural Ingredients in Burlington, Vermont, is the man behind a lot of the beats they use. According to all three Space Boys, he’s the likely candidate for future stardom. To say they are fans of his work is an understatement.

“I’d put all our future success on the line to make him even more”, was one of many comments made as they lavished praise upon his beat making skills. With sincerity, Boat Music reveals, “I would take our whole, everything we do, and make it a spring board for his career. I would open for him, I would make it for him.”

Another sidekick receiving honorable mention was Jaguar Whispers, described by Jesus Jones as, “One of my tightest boys of all time.” He and Boat Music were roommates at the University of Maine together and his friendship extended in to music collaboration. Considered the 4th Space Boy and affectionately referred to as Pretty Alan Mittens, he also contributed to the album in progress, and he stood on stage with them at their first show in Korea. Jaguar Whispers however passed on July 3rd in a freak bungee jumping accident, and the crew is pretty shaken up about it.

“He’s a good looking man and I love him”
“Best looking man ever, and the funniest guy I know.”
“The most handsome Space Boy died”

Look deeper, there is more going on

By now we recognize that good times follow them wherever they go. But it’s not all shotgunning brews and robot dancing. Their music is not the hollow, mindless type often found on the party circuit. A lot of thought has gone in to the concept album in progress.

The album I keep referring to is titled Diamonds on Neptune. According to Jesus Jones, it’s a popular theory in the scientific community that the atmosphere on Neptune has the perfect conditions for making diamonds.

“When it rains, it can rain diamonds, how cool is that.”

Their master plan is to create a spaceship from a giant wooden structure of a Native American Indian, found in their hometown of Skowheegan, Maine…and blast off. On the album, they battle aliens. They land on Neptune. They suffer from paranoia. They navigate liquefied diamond oceans. And life as they know it depends on their super computer.

Learn more about how each of them contributes to the success of the mission, as well as the amenities aboard their spaceship by listening to Conference, the opening track to both Space Boys shows I’ve been to.

The rest is a blur

No one could remember the name of the Indian statue in Skowheegan.
“The towns people are going to be angry if you call him Geronimo.”

Lingering cerebral memories contain bits and pieces of a debate over their Romeo and Juliet school play characters.
“I was Romeo and you were Mecutio”
“You weren’t Romeo”
“I wasn’t Mercutio. You were Mercutio.”

Village called Boat Music Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern show. Jesus Jones compared us all to characters in the movie Gremlins. Silverware was tossed and beer was dumped. New friends from South Africa couldn’t wait to see us again. The table of foreigners next to us cheered as we made our exit.

Boat Music was last seen standing on a street corner adjacent to where the rest of us were conversing with a large group of party goers. I have flashes of him typing a text message, holding the phone not more than one inch from his face. In a concerted effort he tossed his hat in the street and stumbled off in to the distance.

Village walked over and picked up the hat, assuming his friend might want it back. Not 10 minutes later, it was Village to the rescue again, as he recognized Boat Music’s jacket on the side of the road. Removing the bicycle keys for safe keeping, he placed the coat on a tree, just out of the reach of most drunken passersby, in hopes of retrieving it later. I can only imagine what other articles of clothing were discarded as Boat Music carried on about his night.

As we walked between restaurants and social street gatherings for the remainder of the evening, I lost count of how many times the Space Boys were stopped in the street. Just wanted to say great show man! You got screwed! Hey wow, you’re that guy, nice to meet you!

I knew it as soon as the show ended. The set was cut short, but it was far from a failure of an evening. Space Boys might have been disappointed immediately following the debacle, but I think this show of solidarity from the Mud Fest crowd throughout the night went a long way towards convincing them otherwise. In my opinion, it was a pretty unforgettable experience. Warming up to that idea, “I just wish I wasn’t so sober for it”, Jesus Jones muttered as the admiration poured in throughout the evening.

Six shows down, and a lot more to go. Do what you can to join me aboard the ship. Let them take you for a ride as they grow in notoriety.

The next performance will be Bard’ers Beach Bash 2010 at Orange Tree in Haebongchong on Saturday, August 14th.

You can stay up to date with Space Boys on facebook.

Here’s one last piece of audio for you, War Track.


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  2. great article. great guys.

  3. Dude D…these guys are freakin’ sic!
    Aart rates it big time.

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