Blast off with Space Boys at Bard’ers Beach Bash (10 Magazine)

In continuing Space Boys coverage, the following was published in 10 Magazine online yesterday.

Blast off with Space Boys at Bard’ers Beach Bash 2010 on Saturday, August 14th

A Space Boys show is an entertaining spectacle of well written songs showcasing creative lyrics and far out subject matter. Each with a unique on and off stage persona, this trio joins together for an interplanetary performance complete with robot dancing and spoken digital reenactments to assist in telling their stories of reliance on super computers and eating more than once breakfast at a time.

Village is a thinker, deep in thought, shooting you straight by telling you like it is. With Boat Music, everyday is Christmas. Constantly smiling, each performance is the most fun he’s ever had. And Jesus Jones manages the overall vibe of what’s happening on-stage in his best attempt to give the audience what they want. The result is the perfect party, good times atmosphere that is poised to take Korea by storm.

Their most recent performance at the Boryeong Mud Festival was hastily cut short before given chance to lift off. Unforeseen delays prior to their set forced the trio to come on late. Then, poor crowd management led to a bum rush of over indulgent and out of control fans enthusiastically flooding the stage, resulting in the show getting shut down early. The four song set may have left the Space Boys disappointed, but anyone that was there will confirm that the show was hot, and on course to catch fire.

Don’t miss the follow up to the Mud Fest debacle by catching their next performance at Bard’ers Beach Bash 2010 on Saturday, August 14th. Space Boys are determined to fire up the plasma propulsion engines to give the fans an extra serving of the galactic performance that they missed out on last time, this time in the more intimate setting that The Orange Tree in Haebangchon has to offer.

About Dustin:

Originally from Portland, Oregon, and a shameless Blazermaniac, Dustin moved to Seoul to teach English after the economic downturn in the U.S. put a halt to his career in recruiting. He writes about life in Korea at his blog Rip City to Seoul and is a contributor to other travel, language and recruiting web sites.


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