Review: Bard’ers Beach Bash 2010

Korea’s wet and humid August jangma made an appearance at Bard’ers Beach Bash 2010, alongside some great music acts. Between sets, instead of the sounds of JoshRoy, Liam Mitchinson, DA and Space Boys, “SHUT THE DOOR!” could be heard coming from the behind the bar at Orange Tree in Haebangchon in an effort to keep the precious air conditioning from escaping.

The festivities were in support of Actors Without Bard’ers (AWOB), a not for profit ex-pat theater troupe aiming to help foreign artists build relationships with the art communities throughout Seoul. A silent auction provided the opportunity to bid on artwork and photographs, one hour dates with the actors were auctioned off (bottle of wine included), and raffle tickets were sold, all in an attempt to raise money for their rapidly approaching September Shakespearean performance.

DA delivered his gritty hip hop, emitting rasta vibrations throughout the bar by teaming with JoshRoy for a set concluding performance of their collaboration Existence. With songs currently getting airplay in Uganda and Korea, Ugandan artist JoshRoy continued the irie atmosphere, offering up his booty shaking reggae sounds. And Liam Mitchinson entertained the crowd with an acoustic set of covers, original songs and comedic melodies inducing laughter and applause.

The evening came to an end with a Space Boys performance of astronomical proportions, accompanied by DJ Pandemic. In classic Boat Music form, he lead off with an “I say, you say” chant, spouting lines from the latest hot viral youtube video. “Hide ya kids, hide ya wife. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife. We gonna find you. We gonna find you.” Towards the end the set was a rowdy rendition of I Hate the Space Boys. Somewhere in the middle were rhymes about galactic breakfasts and Elton John inspired melodies of living in a diamond mine on the planet Neptune. And in what is becoming a trend when I’m out with the Space Boys, the after party at Boat Music’s pad was literally out of this world, and growing in legendary status as the pictures circulate on facebook.

Overall, the event appeared to be a success for AWOB. The word was spread about their organization and their upcoming performance. Money was raised via auction and raffle sales, and Orange Tree provided the venue free of charge. And it was obvious everyone in attendance was having a great time, despite the hot, sweat soaked conditions.

For more information on AWOB and their performance schedule, check their facebook page.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on August 16, 2010.

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  1. […] ran last Saturday and Sunday in Hyewha, something I have been looking forward to since the sweaty Bard’ers Beach Bash benefit night at Orange Tree in Haebangchon last month. If you’re not familiar, AWOB is a not for profit expat […]

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