Q&A with Benny Fax of Space Rhyme Continuum, performing at Shule Showdown Korea Part II (10 Magazine)

The following was published on 10 Magazine online
Q&A with Benny Fax from Space Rhyme Continuum, performing at Shule Showdown Korea Part II

I spent some time this week with Benny Fax of Space Rhyme Continuum to discuss their upcoming performance at the Shule Showdown Korea Part II this Saturday, August 21st at Rocky Mountain Tavern in Itaewon. If you’re not familiar with Korea’s number one hip hop improv comedy group, here’s your chance to get acquainted with what you’ve been missing out on.

Benny, what’s SRC all about?
Space Rhyme is a group of guys who thought it would be fun to apply freestyle rapping to sketch comedy. We want it to be topical and relevant, but at the same time creative and deranged. Everything we do is inspired by audience suggestions and our surroundings. Ideally, we should be able to not only rhyme on any topic, but also animate it and bring it to life. That is when Space Rhyme is at its best.

What is your affiliation to the Shule Showdown Korea Part II?
The Shule project is being put on by a dear friend of Space Rhyme, Caitlin Breech, on behalf of her brother, who’s somewhere in Canada, I think. It’s a really cool foundation that is helping a Congolese refugee and his two sons go to university in Tanzania. This is actually the second time we’ll be performing for this cause. That being said, Space Rhyme would probably jump at an offer to perform for anti-whales-rights activists or white supremacists, so it’s not like we’re righteous people, or anything.

What can we expect from SRC?
To be honest, we’re never sure what to expect. A lot of it depends on suggestions from the crowd. Sometimes an entire sketch can be spawned from something stupid and minor, like the kind of outfits the bartenders are wearing or what the girl in the first row is drinking.

We have a variety of sketches/skits/games that we do, depending on the venue and the crowd. For example , “Ol’ Dirty Bachelor” is a play on dating shows where we get audience members to write questions for the contestants (played by us) and we respond in rhyme.

How can we stay updated on your performance schedule?
Facebook is a safe bet. We had a website being designed, spacerhyme.com – clever, I know – but I just checked and nothing but a blank screen comes up when I type in the address.

Pronounced “shoe lay”, Shule means school in Swahili. The money raised at Shule Showdown Korea Part II will go towards helping a Congolese refugee named Jerry Bikyeombe attend the University of Dodoma in Tanzania. Jerry used to live in a refugee camp in Tanzania, without the necessary funds to go to school. For the past two years, the organizers of this event have raised money that has not only assisted in sending Jerry to school, but also take care of his wife and 4 children. Originally initiated in Toronto, this is the second such event here in Korea.

In addition to Space Rhyme Continuum, and hosted by Korea comedic legend Brian Aylward, the event has a great lineup featuring reggae by Ugandan artist JoshRoy, comedy by Albert Escobedo and Jeff Sinclair, singer/songwriter Simon Kornelis “Mountain Man” and the GoldenVardo tribal bellydancers.


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