Best way to Spend the Summer in Korea? Go to the Beach! (Language Vine)

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Best way to Spend the Summer in Korea? Go to the Beach!

Geographically speaking, the Korean Peninsula is surrounded by ocean water. The result is a ton of beaches that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to enjoy the hot summer sun.

One of my favorites is Sokcho Beach in Gangwon-do, the north east corner of the country. This area is known for white sand that meets the water and green pine trees that border the coast line. The sunny skies and scenic islands located just off the coast contribute to a very picturesque environment.

Sokcho is also considered the gateway to Seoraksan National Park, the nation’s most frequented National Park, offering amazing hiking and stunning views. Seorak Waterpia is located at Seorak Hanwha Resort. One of the nation’s largest theme parks, all the water attractions and hot springs use only mineral water from the mountains. And let’s not forget that you are less than an hour bus ride from the DMZ.

If you’re coming from the Seoul area, you should stay the weekend. The bus trip from Seoul’s Express Bus Terminal is close to 4 hours. But walk out the front doors of the destination terminal, hang a left and within in a few minutes you will be standing on the sand.

With so many things to do, there are ample hotel rooms of all price ranges available for lodging. And if you’re looking to rough it, the beach offers camping, including shower and changing rooms.

What better way to chill out during the hot summer months at the beach then trying some of Korea’s finest cool treats, especially when you’re hanging out at Sokcho Beach.

One of the most popular is a shaved ice dish called patbingsu. “Pat” refers to the sweetened red beans. “Bingsu” refers to the shaved ice. Depending on the variety, it can also include many other toppings including sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrups, ice cream, fruit cocktail, fresh fruit, chewy tteok and cereal flakes.

My favorite treat is the milk shake in a bag. It’s usually rock hard when you buy it, so give it some time to melt. When it’s mushy, twist off the top, squeeze and enjoy.

There are also the unique individually wrapped ice cream choices like corn ice cream, sweet potato ice cream, red bean ice cream as well as tomato and melon flavored popsicles.

Korean beaches are an awesome summer experience. But even if the hot season has passed, a beach trip during the slower, less crowded months is still worth the visit and might your beach trip even better!


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