Review: Shule Showdown Korea Part II

A quick Google search will reveal a lot of strange reasons to have a fundraiser, as well as methods for acquiring the funds. Hooters for Neuters, featuring Hooters girls reminding you to snip your pets. Ferret racing for bingo addiction. Mullets for Multiple Sclerosis.

As far as fundraisers are concerned, Shule Showdown Korea Part II offered the opportunity to get behind a more than worthy cause. And your reward for doing so was a fun night of entertainment on the upper deck of Rocky Mountain Tavern in Itaewon. Music was provided by Tim McManus, Simon Kornelis “Mountain Man” and JoshRoy. Comedy was courtesy of Albert Escobedo, Jeff Sinclair and Korea comedic legend Brian Aylward, who played host for the evening.

The money raised last Saturday went to help out Mr. Jerry Bikyeombe. From the Congo, Jerry used to live in a refugee camp in Tanzania, without the necessary funds to go to school. Shule means school in Swahili, and for the past two years, the organizers of this event (Both in Toronto and Seoul) have raised money that has not only assisted in sending Jerry to the University of Dodoma in Tanzania, but also in sending his two sons to elementary school.

Accordion extraordinaire, Tim McManus kicked everything off. To say it’s the ultimate beer drinking music is an understatement. His rowdy, folk, punk influenced songs will take control of your hand, regardless of what signals your brain are sending. It will grip a pint, force it in your mouth, and you will have no option other than to slam it down.

The funny men kept the crowd engaged and entertained with relevant topics that most foreigners in Korea could relate to. Albert Escobedo talked of racism, abortion, his lack of naked confidence and the suckers in their late 20’s that are choosing to settle down. Jeff Sinclair spoke of the ridiculousness of the HIV/drug tests that all foreign teachers are subject to, as well as the side effects of pounding soju.

Space Rhyme Continuum closed out the evening with spontaneous hilarity. The self proclaimed bastard children of Who’s Line is it Anyway? and 8 Mile, what SRC does unique. Freestyle rapping sketch comedy that utilizes audience suggestions for subject matter is an adventurous and challenging endeavor. The result is a new, hysterical performance every time they take the stage.

The sketches this evening were fantastic. For their “how did we meet” sketch, the audience suggested they rhyme about lollipops and hooker hill. See the result for yourself.

Next was a dating game style sketch. A female from the audience was brought on stage to be the bachelorette and the SRC crew were the bachelors. The questions she asked were generated by the audience, and the bachelors responded in rhyme. Another favorite was the anti-battle. Instead of two participants dissing each other, tearing each other down, they pump each other up, the way the ultimate wing man would. This sketch also employs the use of an audience member who will actually engage in back and forth battles with the SRC experts. And audience member Adrian did a hell of job.

If attendance is any indication of the success of an event, this was a hit. Rocky Mountain Tavern was slammed, so much so that there were numerous reminders to keep it down during the comedy sets so you could actually hear their message. For personal reasons I would consider the raffle an extreme success, as my girlfriend went home with not only a deck of brand new UNO cards, but a jumbo sized pack of Twizzlers. Other items available, considered must haves to any respectable expat in Korea, were toothpaste from North America, condoms and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Brian Aylward did an exceptional job as host. I will remember most, the verbal assault he unleashed on the drunk girl after her failed attempt at hijacking Jeff Sinclair’s comedy set (sucks to be her), as well as him poking fun at me for shaking my head to the suggestion that my girlfriend select the condoms as her prize in the raffle.

Kudos to Caitlin Breech and the rest of the Shule Showdown Korea Part II organizers for putting on a fun event for a good cause. Already looking forward to the Part III.

~ by ripcitytoseoul on August 26, 2010.

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