Behind the scenes of my Today’s Blog episode for Arirang TV

Life is rough as a travel show addict living in Korea. The cable channels available to me are constantly changing, and although I currently have Discovery, I’m really missing Travel Channel, National Geographic and good old reliable Oregon Public Broadcasting. And you can only watch so much Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, Adam Richman on youtube without going crazy.

What’s the solution? Make your own show.

I spent last Saturday filming an episode of Today’s Blog for Arirang TV, the major English language channel in Korea, broadcast in 188 countries across the globe. It was an amazing experience that I hope presents itself again in the future.

The focus of the episode… strange Korean food.

I’m not sure when it will air, but here is some behind the scenes footage from the shoot.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on September 1, 2010.

8 Responses to “Behind the scenes of my Today’s Blog episode for Arirang TV”

  1. Glad to see that they were able to hook up with you and get your episode filmed! Looking forward to it when it airs!

    • Have been meaning to ask you if you went to the Philippines for summer vacation because I could have sworn I saw you on my flight out from Seoul. Just checked your blog, sure enough it was you. Bummer, I went to find you at baggage claim to introduce myself and you were long gone.

      • That’s too bad! I would have really enjoyed meeting you! I hope we can get together soon in Seoul. If not at one of Hyunwoo’s gathering, perhaps at SeoulTube on the 25th.

        It’s amazing how many people went to the Philippines during summer vacation. All the foreign teachers from my school went, plus half of Dongtan it seemed.

  2. Very Cool! When can I see the episode?

  3. I’ve been asked twice now to film this segment too. I’d love to to it so much, but I don’t think I can take time off work. How many hours did it take to film??

  4. […] Here are behind the scenes photos and videos from a previous blog titled Behind the Scenes of my Today’s Blog episode for Arirang TV. […]

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