Review: NEH Magazine September Release Event

By the time I got to The Park sports bar for the NEH Magazine September issue release event last Friday, the popular Bucheon foreigner hangout was slammed. Smokey patrons also inhaled burger specials and grilled cheese sandwiches. 2,000 won tequila shots occupied most of the crowded bar space, as everyone felt the need to order 10 at a time and generously pass them around to their friends. The scene was set for a fun night, and I was hit with the reality of either catching up quick, or getting left behind.

The entertainment kicked off with spoken poetry by Danielle of The Wordsmiths. Unfortunately, a lot of her efforts may have fell upon deaf ears as the crowd appeared more concerned with socializing and slamming tequila. Given the circumstances, she handled the challenging task with poise, and even broke out a ukulele to accompany her words, adding that sometimes her friend performs alongside with a trombone. That’s something I’d like to see next time.

Next up was Jkea Pains, aka Agonist. He too started with poetry. His performance however, commands your attention, augmenting his British spoken words with staccato and volume as he aggressively paces back and forth, emphasizing his dramatic statement. And when the beats kick in, he amps the energy up to eleven.

DA may have spent the day filming for his upcoming DVD, but that didn’t stop him from bringing it that night. Big DA is a busy man. I swear he performs every weekend. He’s in the middle of planning a tour. I run in to him at benefit and charity events. We see each other out of town. He may have been a tad hoarse in the throat, and dare I say a little tired that evening, but you wouldn’t know it as he followed Agonist with the same crowd interactive performance that he is known for consistently delivering.

DBSTK CRZZY and DJ Zoo rounded out the performances for the evening. From his take on DPG classics, to his tracks Hot Shit and new joint Gasoline (both available online at his soundcloud account) DBSTK was cooking with some of his best San Jose, California flavor. In the end, he and Zoo were sweat soaked, but kept the party rocking, spinning hit records until JuiceBox took over.

It was a fun evening of firsts for me. First trip to Bucheon. First NEH Magazine release party. The people from NEH that I met were awesome. I shared in too many drinks and good conversations with friends. I walked away with new friends. The performances were top notch. Can’t wait for the October issue.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on September 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Review: NEH Magazine September Release Event”

  1. Thanks for coming out and for pimping the event and the magazine! Much obliged …

    NEH mag Creative Director

  2. Who’s that handsome guy in the 2nd to last pic? With the glasses? Man, he’s a hottie!

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