Behind the Scenes: Far Away Music Video Shoot Day 1

The collaboration of Oro Dsign and Wong Won Productions is hard at work.

Filmmaker Orielvis Padron likes to knock out as much shooting in a full day as physically possible. What started as disappointment over the less than ideal for filming sunny weather conditions in Haebangchon at 9am, turned in to motivated rehearsal time in the hilly neighborhoods surrounding the Ahyeon area. And before we knew it, the rehearsal idea was scrapped for real deal filming, grabbing shot after shot of what will soon be the partially animated music video for DA’s new track Far Away. Filming didn’t wrap until the sun went down over Samgakji station.

Big DA was on cloud nine all day. Recently coming off his DVD shoot, he was more than ready to jump in to his first music video. And Oro didn’t necessarily take it easy on him, being his virgin experience and all.

In addition to performing his track at the regular tempo, DA also had to spit a sped up version in front of the camera, while keeping his body and motions in real time. Give it a shot, it’s no easy task. There were green screen background takes for animation dubbing at a later date, including a green skirt to remove the real life appearance of DA’s legs. We scaled flimsy and rusty staircases to a roof top shoot that was cut short by a waegook hating angry ajjuma. DA had to hold himself up over and over to give the appearance of dangly floating legs. A few wardrobe changes were required, but no secluded place was readily available to hide out. I still don’t know where he pulled it off. We got on and off buses and subways while packing around the long-as-hell metal poles that were used to hold up the green screen. All in a days work.

Comedy relief was provided by the peanut gallery consisting of myself, Jeremy of Iconz Media and Roger of Wong Won Productions. DA got a hard time for having to wear the skirt-like green material. For some reason, nobody wanted a picture holding, or even being seen nearby, the Fruit Panda bag, which was deemed the farthest thing from masculine on the planet. Typical guy stuff.

The final product of the Far Away music video sounds like it’s going to be nothing short of amazing. Oro has a lot of animation to do. But when it’s completed, you’ll see DA doing his thing in the midst of a world consisting of real and make believe objects, in the city and flying high in the sky.

Head out to Lyricists Lounge Vol. II this Saturday at Freebird in Hongdae to see Big DA perform Far Away live and in the flesh.

~ by ripcitytoseoul on September 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Behind the Scenes: Far Away Music Video Shoot Day 1”

  1. Looked like fun! 🙂

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