Tattoo Korea is Legit

Before I moved to Korea, research told me that tattoos here were reserved strictly for mafia and gangsters and having visible ink would attract staring, gawking and generally unwanted attention by the locals. Upon arrival I found that wasn’t necessarily the case, but it was pretty rare to see visible tattoos in public.

Tattoo culture in Seoul has changed dramatically in the close to two years I’ve been here. Visible tattoos are common on both men and women. You see them on hands, wrists, necks, full sleeves, you name it. And not just foreigners, plenty of Koreans are newly sporting their ink all over the city and surrounding suburbs.

You can thank Aerok’s Tattoo Korea for playing a major role in the shift towards tattoo acceptability. A recent NEH Magazine article refers to him as one of the founding fathers of standardization in many important elements of tattooing in the ROK. Schooled on the trade in California, Aerok has brings professionalism and credibility to a scene that was badly lacking.

Tattoo Korea gave my girlfriend and I our first Korean ink. Other than feeling a bit guilty for cheating on Pete Dominguez at Action Tattoo who has done my last couple back home in the Pacific Northwest, it couldn’t have been a better experience. Our artist Kuro was over the top hygienic, meticulously cleansing and sterilizing everything. He took his time on our designs and we walked away with awesome tattoos. We even got to watch the award winning San Lee, considered the best tattoo artist in Korea by many, doing a beautiful shoulder piece at the station next to us.

I can’t speak for all tattoo shops in Seoul, but Aerok operates a top notch business. It’s fully licensed to legally and legitimately provide tattoo services, which is rare from what I hear.

Tatoo Korea is located a short walk from Nonhyeon Station exit #5 in Gangnam. If your interested in San Lee’s services, send your information to for consideration.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on December 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Tattoo Korea is Legit”

  1. Nice, what did you get? I’m expecting snowflakes somewhere in it…

  2. I got my Korean ink at Vincent Tattoo & Tattoo Removal Clinic n Gangnam. They seem to have moved to someplace between Noksapeyong and Hangangjin stations since I’ve been in the country, but in any case, they’re top-notch.

    Here’s their website…

    …and here’s what I’d had done. They put it up in the “Unique” section of the gallery.

    • check out our work and vincent
      hahaha he even copy our name to get exposed in google how sad
      U could never do that if he was in the stats
      If they use NIKE in there name they’ll get better exposure
      We are The TATTOO KOREA !!!

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