The Gasoline music video, a reflection of 2010

As the year comes to a close it’s time to reflect on what an awesome time it was. For me, 2010 was all about new experiences, the amazing friends I made and the nuggets of useful information gained that will feed my creative process for the rest of my days.

For these reasons, the timing of the release of Dbstk Crzzy’s Gasoline music video is perfect.

Quite a while ago I was asked to step on the set of Gasoline as a documentarian. Someone to capture a behind the scenes look at how this music video was given life.

You can find all of that here:
The Making of Gasoline in NEH Magazine
Photos, videos and words from the Kaya Art Theater shoot featuring Gorilla Crew
Video from the shoot in Mullaedong
Photos and words from the shoot in Mullaedong

Looking back, it’s only now that I can fully comprehend how special this time was. I learned about film and video, music, dance, writing and blogging. I collaborated with some amazing creative minds and met a lot of wonderful people working so hard to make it happen in Korea. Some I met for the first time, others I’ve gotten to know a lot better.

Marco Tessiore, Dbstk Crzzy, Bashwon, Courtney Cheatham, Elliott Ashby, Jeremy at Iconz Media, DJ Zoo, Venus, Eliseo Martinez, Stephen Delaney and everyone else I spent time with during the making of Gasoline, I’m happy to call you all my friends. Hosana, Agonist, Dustin Wes, Big DA Green, BadNews, Infinite, I wasn’t able to spend that particular shooting day with you all but it’s exciting to see you in the finished product. I respect the work that all of you do and hope the opportunity exists to collaborate more in the future.

The Gasoline era may be coming to a close but I’m forever thankful to have this music video as a reminder of a really important time in my life when I learned a lot about myself and how much I enjoy living in Korea right now.

~ by ripcitytoseoul on December 19, 2010.

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