Merry Coke-mas?

Man, I love Christmas. Stockings hung. Holiday cheer. Special time with family. Traditional food. Snow. Yule logs. I love it all. I love Christmas so much. I love Christmas infinity.

Christmas in Gangnam makes me want to lose my Dos Tacos.

I don’t go to Gangnam that often, but my girlfriend and I have been twice in the last three weeks. One question. Since when is Christmas sponsored by Coca Cola?

I’m even a Coke guy. It’s delicious. Pepsi, no thanks. But the ridiculous display of corporate Christmas this season is just weird. Giant Santas posing with coke bottles line the streets. Every bus stop decorated with Merry Christmas from Coca Cola. You can get a picture taken in a bubble with a real life Korean Santa, smiling big and posing with real plastic coke bottles, and the line to do so is a mile long.

Call me sensitive, but it’s weak take on the real Christmas I had growing up, almost disrespecting the amazing childhood I lived surrounded by the legitimate Christmas spirit. This isn’t Christmas. It’s advertising.

I suppose it comes down to different interpretations on the Christmas holiday. I’m not one of those that expects everything in Korea to be just like it is at home. I don’t want it to be. And it is nice that every year I’ve been here there are more and more Christmas things available. My girl and I have 2 decorated trees in the apartment and stockings on the wall. That was unheard of last year.

That said, I am entitled to miss my family, and the traditions, and all the wonderful Christmas memories I have from a mother who always made Christmas my favorite time of the year. Gangnam’s take on that makes me want to gag.

Merry Coke-mas Gangnam.

~ by ripcitytoseoul on December 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Merry Coke-mas?”

  1. You know that Coca-Cola bought the rights to Christmas way back in the day! It’s only now that they are exerting their claim in Korea. I do think that some of the decorations are over-the-top, but I do like this little set along the Gangnam Media Pole row.

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