Info from Pinnacle’s Korean Tension Community Meeting

Not only is Pinnacle TheHustler one of Korea’s hardest working emcees, but he doubles as a community activist in his free time.

He hosted a community meeting at Spy Club in Itaewon on Monday, December 20th to discuss the tension between the Koreas. The main goal of the meeting was for expats to share information and learn more about how they can be better prepared should we be faced with a difficult situation in the future.

The meeting minutes can be found below:



Community Meeting at Spy Club in Itaewon
Monday, December 20th 2010
Commenced at 9:37pm

I. Purpose
a.As stated by facilitator

i.The purpose here is to share information and help each other, as foreigners we are at a disadvantage because much of the information outlets around are in Korean. Furthermore, the pertinent information that is received by military personnel is generally reserved for high-ranking officers and is generally classified.

ii. In order for us to obtain and utilize information to our advantage should an emergency situation arise, we must work together.

II.What we know
a. Since the sinking of the Cheonan, tension between the two Koreans has been running high. The severity of the situation escalated with the North Korean (NK) attack on Yeonpyeong island.

b. South Korea (SK) conducts live fire drills eight (8) times per year and they were scheduled to conduct another drill between the dates of December 18 and the 21st. NK opposed this exercise and proposed potential consequences to SK if the exercise was to carried out.

c. On Sunday, December 19th, the UN called an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. After an 8 ½ hour meeting, the result was inconclusive.

d. On Monday, December 20, the South Korean military conduct its exercise. North Korea has yet to retaliate.

III. What should we do
a. Stay informed. Register with your respective embassies
i.Statements were read from the British and U.S. Embassies.

b. Share information with each other

c.Take money out of your Korean account
i. Exchange some of it into American Dollars (because American money is generally excepted all over the world)
ii. Keep some of it as Korean Won.

d. Pack an emergency bag (More information below)

e. Formulate an action plan and be prepared to execute
i. Seoul is the most likely target
ii. Yongsan Gu Office has a bomb shelter
iii. Olympic Park Stadium is an evacuation point
iv. Daejeon has no military bases, therefore, it not a likely target
v. Busan has a bomb shelter

f. If you are planning to leave Seoul or leave Korea
i. This is not an easy decision. Most people are here earning a living
ii. Talk to your employer about your options

IV. What’s next?
a. Continue to share information
i. Facebook, Email, cell phone, etc.

b. Facilitator will continue to send out updates and pertinent information.

What to pack in your emergency bag:
1. Non-perishable food (at least 3 days worth)
2. Underwear and socks
3. Comfortable Clothes/shoes (no heels/dress shoes)
4. Personal Items i.e. tampons
5. All medications
6. Flashlight with extra batteries
7. Knife (preferably a Swiss Army Knife or a switch blade; if you obtain a switch blade, DO NOT get one with a button)
8. Passport and other Identifying documents
9. American Dollars and Korean Won

Websites that were mentioned:

The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP):

Subscribe To Email Message Service:

Be Prepared For Emergencies: (Scroll to bottom of page)

Travel Advice:

Register With The Embassy:

What To Do In A Crisis:

Travel report-up-to-date information about Korea

Registry of Canadians Abroad is the website that was suggested to track the Korean Won. Type in “c_krw” to follow the Won. A spike up in the chart means that you need more Won to buy the Dollar.

The Facebook Event Page will continue to share information
If North Korea attacks, what will you do? What’s your plan?

Pinnacle TheHustler will be distributing regular information on his Facebook page. Friend him to keep in touch.

Rip City to Seoul will be helping as much as possible

Here is a photo submitted by a meeting attendee of what the sign for a bomb shelter looks like in Korea. If there’s an emergency, go there. She says the hangeul reads “대피소” meaning ‘shelter’ according to her translator. I know it’s difficult to see, but it’s the best I got. Feel free to send in any other photos.


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